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July 30 2009

Buffy star is dangerously hot! UK newspaper The Sun's first coverage of Dollhouse since February,and I wonder why!

For those who are wondering their coverage in February featured those Dollhouse promo pics that Eliza wasn't exactly fully dressed in either, notice a link anyone!

At least it promotes the series which can only be a good thing, the Sun being the widest read paper in the UK (which is rather say to say the least!) ED still needs to eat something in my book though and has no hips to speak of which I find weird! ;)
I'm not saying its a bad thing, anything that might intoduce new people to Dollhouse is a good thing in my book, though I'm not too sure of their description of Dollhouse : "She's now playing Echo in Dollhouse, an undercover operative whose mind gets fed with a new personality for each mission". It kind of makes her sound like an undercover agent or something.
I have to admit that that's exactly how I envisioned the show when I first heard about Dollhouse. I was very much thinking Alias with mind wipes (and, you know, without the Garibaldi silliness) - fast, fun, action-heavy, a bit scifi. Plus complicated backstories and great dialogue for everyone, of course.

Obviously, I really liked the Dollhouse we got probably more than what I had imagined it would be.

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We better have The Sun in the house today. That article is completely pathetic, though.
Yeah, I'm wondering if it makes the actual newspaper, it would b good if it did.
Ugh, the Sun.
Is it trying to kill you too ? Stupid UV radiator.
Umm pretty sure I do want to meet her in an alley...
Damn- she's a year younger than my oldest kids (twins). This is not right.
Haha I love Eliza, she could tear it up. She's very confident and that's very cool.

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