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July 30 2009

Iyari Limon's film "Maquillaje" now available on DVD. Unreleased film from a couple of years ago.

Did she retire from acting?
Very nearly. She guest starred on a few TV shows after "Buffy", and actually had announced her intent to leave acting and dropped her agent and manager, but that was prior to doing this film. She got married a couple of years ago and has a little girl, and she's done some voice work for two or three games and an animated Turok, Son of Stone film since then, but that's about it. I know she was in a bad auto accident early last spring, so that may have had something to do with keeping her from doing anything else. On the other hand, she may have just decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
I knew she had a baby but hadn't heard about either the marriage or the accident.

Having seen S-7 finally, I'm hoping we'lll see more of her. Sarah Hagen, too. But realisitically, how many actors do you ever see again after their first trip past the public? I mean, nobody's going to be organizing an Adam Rich or an Ari Myers Film Festival anytime soon, right?
She posted photos of her car over on her fansite after she got out of the hospital - it was demolished. It's amazing that everyone survived the crash.
Sarah Hagan showed up in Freaks and Geeks, too, along with several other young actors who've gone on to bigger things--worth a watch, Netflix has it.

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