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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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July 30 2009

(SPOILER) New Preview Pages For Buffy Season 8 #27. Part II of Retreat. The first two pages were released a couple of weeks ago but now we have new pages added.

Look! A Tara ear. And a Tara face! Oh yeah, and um, that Oz guy...
1/8 of a face, in profile, and not enough to really tell who it is unless you know the scene, that is. :-)
I think it's safe to guess that anyone reading this knows the scene. All the same . . . I was going to go all "yay! flashback Tara!" but she's so completely unrecognizable that it's mostly just disappointing.
I was going to go all "yay! flashback Tara!", but I guess I'll just keep it to myself...
Is Oz eating a squirrel?
Yeah, or a mullet...
Zeitgeist, ew...! oh, wait, though, does that mean no more Billy Ray Cyrus? Hey, there's an upside to everything! (Just kidding, he's actually a pretty nice guy, even though I don't care for a lot of his music...)
You wonder why this hasn't been plugged more. TARA TO RETURN!!!!! would make lots of people buy it.
I may be knackered but isn't just a flashback? We had Joyce return the same way.

Also whose baby is that?
Judging by the hat it's wearing, I'd guess it's a local (Oz's and the Tibetan woman's, maybe?) Yeah, Tara's appearance is a flashback to "New Moon Rising".
But WHY is Oz eating a squirrel mullet in HUMAN form? That's just... ew.
Oh, that's Oz eating a squirrel? They should have shown it alive in the previous panel, because I really had no idea what was going on. Out of contest, the panel looks like Andrew's tongue is hairy. Really not digging the art here, which sucks, because the story seems to be really good.
Yeah, I had no idea that was a squirrel, either. I thought maybe he was eating some more magic Tibetan herbs . . . maybe I was just reading too quickly, though.
le Sigh. Jenty's Oz and Andrew i can't tell apart,
and Chen's Dawn and Willow i can't tell apart.
le Sigh.
"But WHY is Oz eating a squirrel mullet in HUMAN form? That's just... ew."

I should imagine he fell asleep eating it as a wolf and was then waking up as a human. Like how Nina had stuffing in her mouth when she woke up in Smile Time.
Yeah, what's up with Jeanty's art here? Oz looks exactly like Andrew, and Tara looks in no way like Tara.

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