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July 30 2009

Drew Z. Greenberg writes for Warehouse 13. Drew wrote the latest episode, "Claudia" which is now available on Hulu.

This episode in particular has some very choice, Whedon-y dialogue. My personal favorite being, "Serendipity is my stripper name."

I've not heard great things about this show. Is it Sanctuary bad or Eureka good?
It's way better than Sanctuary. It's a version of The X-Files that a) isn't boring, b) has slightly bette characters, and c) needs better direction. The pilot was the strongest so far, but it's got a nice balance between humor, drama, and supernatural.
It's not as good as Eureka, but not as bad as Sanctuary. I enjoy it while watching it, but it's not something I look forward to. It's still pretty early, and I think it could become a really good show if a few more things clicked into place.
I tried to like the show, but I've watched my last episode. My feelings about the episodes so far are, Fair, Fair, Fair, Poor. Episode 4(Claudia) would have been fair if it were not for the actress that played Claudia.

I hope the show lives on for those that like it, but I just can't get into it.
Not seen this latest one but so far it's just OK IMO. Pretty derivative but the leads are quite likable and it's at least trying to do proper character stuff (which, much as I find it fun, is more than 'Eureka' usually does).

I don't wish the show ill but as things currently stand if it went I wouldn't miss it. Probably give it another couple.
Decades ago there was a silly (but fun) show called 'Friday the 13th', about a small group of people who needed to recover cursed objects that had been sold from the antique store they inherited. 'Warehouse 13' is kind of a steam punk version of that: less gothic style horror tales, and more Jules Verne style Sci-fi. Personally I think it is a lot of fun, very different in tone and style from 'Eureka' but with plenty of entertainment value.
It's Sanctuary bad. Just another "cheap" Canadian show, with uninteresting actors for leads.
Well, wait until Badger, I mean Mark Sheppard, shows up on the show. He's part of the group that really runs the warehouse. That, and good ratings, means it may be around for a while.
Also, Jane Espenson is credited as co-creator, and was one of the three writers of the pilot.

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The writing is dreadful. There's nothing wrong with the acting beyond that they have just about nothing to work with.

The "banter" between the two leads in the "Claudia" episode was just juvenile.
Wow. I'm actually a little surprised at the level of harsh criticisms this show is getting here. You guys make it sound like it's worse than "I Robot, You Jane" or "Go Fish", or both. I don't love the show. It certainly has problems (Saul Rubinek and the Warehouse itself are very interesting and entertaining. The show should be more about that. The two lead characters/actors seem miscast, dull and too cliched. Also not big on constantly separating everyone and the "case of the week" in the far off location that doesn't matter at all). I just don't think it deserves to be cast aside so quickly, or because of one, guest-starring performance (who by the way, I thought was quite strong by the end, though I didn't like her at first).

I guess I just expected Whedonesque folks, of all people would be a bit more patient and forgiving. But hey, to each their own. If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work. So many programs, so little time. :)

I'm teasingly reminded of this exchange between Willow and Giles during season five's, "Out of My Mind":
WILLOW: (picks up a jar from a table) Ooh. Are these real newt eyes? (Looks at Giles)
GILES: No, too ... rich for my blood, I'm afraid. No, these are salamander eyes, it's the ... cataracts which give them their newt-like appearance. (moving past her) They're really equally effective, though, it's ... just a matter of overcoming snobberies.
To be fair kungfubear this is a place where seemingly some people think X-Files was boring and didn't have good characters, so you have to take internet opinion polls with a pinch of salt. Some people just don't have a clue.
I like to think we can express opinions here without getting slagged off them.
Touche, VaughnOfTheDead. A valid point. :)
Right you are, Simon. I wasn't slagging (whatever that means. Sorry, I'm American), it just struck me as odd is all.
I'm not sold on the show yet, though I did like this one better. I'll give it some more time, since there's not much else on during the summer anyway. They will need to step it up though. I think Claudia is more than just a guest star by the way.

There's not a single show that everyone here (or anywhere) would agree completely on, not even Joss shows. It's nice to hear the full spectrum of opinions to get a better idea, so it's cool. I know I've had my share of disagreements. Sometimes something about a show just rubs you the wrong way. By the way, I liked Go Fish! ;)
I've seen it. I currently rate it as a decent time kill. Not something I'm going to plan my day around, but if I want to fast forward an hour in my life it's a decent way to go.

I do think the criticisms are a bit harsh and probably a little extreme. The worst thing you can really say is that it has a tendency to be very average. Then again, we're only 4 episodes into this series and lets not forget the series we're all interested in right now from Joss wasn't wowing most of us for 5. And Buffy was great, but if you bit off the first 5 episodes, you probably wouldn't think of it as the same show it turned into.

I don't think Warehouse will be in the same class, but it may go from an average to above average show. I think that what will always shoot this series in the foot is the campy mythology its building. While it's cute, it makes it hard to take seriously Still, some shows just need some time to find out what they're good at.
Burn Notice was pretty average in its first season, but it's gone from "meh, I'll catch up soon" to "I MUST SEE THIS NOW". Bad bad bad TV deserves criticism, average TV with potential doesn't.
But the thing is, what people consider "bad bad bad TV" or "average TV" depends on the individual (as a for instance, I thought 'Burn Notice' S1 was above average). Those very critical of 'Warehouse 13' presumably actually think it is bad TV.

Calling them clueless because of a difference of opinion seems unjustified.
Sanctuary bad, and worse. Just adding IMO.
Even having no idea what it means, anyone who don't like X-Files deserves many slaggeds!

I think Warehouse just need some good writtings and a little turn to drama cause it semas a little much camp, but hey, I liked the Buffy movie.
The X-Files, when I was watching the first few seasons last year, got me really hyped and excited whilst watching the mytharc episodes. Then incredibly bored when watching the standalones, since they completely ignore what takes place prior to the episode. It's a decent show, but, I think I like Fringe a bit more (Not really for the characters, though)

As for Burn Notice, I missed the last two episodes of the first season and haven't watched it since... It's really good now then? I see its been getting high ratings, but I put that down to CSI rating defect. I was also a bit sick of Miami, cos I was watching Dexter. S2 hasn't aired in the UK yet.
I like this show, it does swing and miss some. but it has potential.

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