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July 30 2009

Remember the Zack Whedon-penned one-shot Dark Horse announced at the Comic Con, slated for November release? Here's a sneak peek at the artwork.

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I think Felicia Day is beautiful, but Penny looks too..."babe-ified"
She was at the Dr. Horrible signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth at Comic-Con.
Am I a total douche for thinking Hammer should be... thicker, I guess? I always thought, while watching Dr. H, that Nathan looked downright beefy. I feel like his arms in the drawing should be bigger.

Does is make me less of a douche to follow that negative up with all this positive: Holy crud, these are awesome! I love the Little Billy, because we are actually quite familiar with what NPH looked like around that age, and while you definitely see it, it's clearly not just a drawing of Doogie, you know? I love the Moist drawing, and I think the smug expression on Hammer's face is exactly right. Awesome.
I thought 12 Reasons Why I Love Her was gorgeous and while this style isn't quite what I seem to remember, I still dig it. A smidge more cartoonish but I still generally dig the expressions and even attention to clothing details.

I'm a bit thrown though, Penny being too "babe-ified"? I can't tell if I just have a different standard for what I think of when I hear/read the word, but that drawing seems to evoke the same sense of compassionate ingenue that Felicia Day did in the original. Or at the very least she's not Power Girl or something.
I see the "babe-ified" point, it's a romantic soft-focus version of Penny with her hair in pretty curls she doesn't really have, especially compared to the bang-on sketches of His Horribleness. Of course, that fits with Billy's dreamy idealised vision of her.
Given the way they've un-babe-ified Moist, it's fair to say they're aiming for caricature here.
The first one where DrH is at profile remembers me Mal.

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