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July 30 2009

More from James & Sullivan Marsters. Just added to his YouTube page. James has posted 2 more clips of his son, Sullivan playing some accoustic instrumental songs on his guitar. Titled 'Movie 9' (there is no description since this was just posted) & 'Polar Bear'.

I read in a Q&A(from his website I think) that James posted the vids so that Sullivan would learn how about the negative side of stardom(since youtubers can be so cruel).

But apparently we're too nice to Sullivan in our comments(if I remember the Q&A right). :)

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I think this is great. It's nice to see a father and son bonding over their love of music. And of course, the fans love a chance to see them just being themselves. Plus, I think Sullivan is really showing a talent for creating his own songs. Good on him.

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