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July 30 2009

Joss talks about Dollhouse and a certain TV series he stood in line for. Airlock Alpha posts video of Q&A with Whedon on the carpet to the EW/Syfy party at Comic-Con.

I haven't watched this yet but can someone tell me whether it's spoilery? The comments at the top say that he talks about what happens in season 2 Dollhouse and what's coming up in Buffy season 8
Is this the first time that Joss has expressed love of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and a desire to have seen it renewed over Dollhouse?
@Let Down: He seems to speak in general terms, but someone who's more spoiler-sensitive than I may need to review it. I'm admittedly oblivious at catching spoilers-- sometimes I can't tell what others don't know or are afraid to find out about.
Joss has spoken before of his love of TSCC, which I loved, too, but I don't recall him saying before that he would have had it renewed over Dollhouse.
Yeah, that goes into the very skinny file of quotes that Joss Whedon has said that I really don't like. Along with if he could make a Buffy movie that Season 8 would be thrown under a bus. Good interview though.
Really good interview in the slightly-hard-to-hear genre.
I will also never not miss Firefly, but I'm excited about the new season of Dollhouse (with Joss playing fast and loose, and having a party for his friends!), and also very excited about BtVS S9! Joss looks happy and excited, which is all good.
I'm pretty spoilerphobic and I don't recall hearing anything particularly spoilery. He talks more about how they're shooting season two than what they're doing. No plot points, for Buffy either.

I don't mind the SCC quote. Joss is a fanboy. He looks at other shows the way we look at his, and he's not so narcissistic that he'd name his own shows as his favorites. Nothing wrong with that even if we don't necessarily agree with it. Though I do agree that I wish it hadn't been cancelled.
I'm down with Friday night. I got no expectations. They give me a note, I say: "Nobody's watching, okay? So I don't have to do this, right?"

Hilarious, that guy.
Funny interview, Joss allways gives good answers.
Great interview. I especially loved the part about the demise of BSG and "the death of my soul"
Man, am I ever in good company with my ongoing BSG withdrawals. ;)
Costs him nothing to state he'd like TSCC back after knowing that DH is coming back. If I had had to choose, I'd have taken TSCC first, too, honestly; I liked it much better than DH.
Along with if he could make a Buffy movie that Season 8 would be thrown under a bus.

Except that's not so much a quote as a (bad) paraphrasing.
He also knows what would happen next on Dollhouse, whereas he doesn't know what would happen on TSCC. ;-)

Joss is not omniscient?
Well, yes of course Joss is omniscient, but he hates spoilers... so he has to pretend he isn't.
The only way I can get my mind to settle about the demise of T:TSCC is that it was well and truly given a chance, and for a point during the first season, and mid-way through the second season - I wasn't sure whether I actually liked the show. I'm a fanboy, and can see that it didn't get awesome till the end.

Heck, even more similarities to Dollhouse. ;p
To me, Allison, from Palmdale was amazing. It has the same vibe of future-I-need-to-know-more-about that Epitaph One.
I have some friends who were in the Glee line a ways behind Joss. I think they talked about that more than seeing the Glee episode.
Had I known Joss was in the Glee line, I would have gone. ;)

Re TSCC: I think it had its shot. Season 2 reeeally dragged during the beginning (everyone was apart, going on what seemed dead end assignments), but it did get better with like the last 4 episodes.

The way they left it, though, with John in the future with the future peeps, and Sarah back in the present with no way of getting to the future... I don't know. It just seemed to be the best way to close it out, and I really don't know how they would have continued from that point without Sarah being with them (that was my problem in the beginning- Sarah & John were split up).

At least with Dollhouse, we know it's the future, but the tasks we see of our characters are memories. We don't know exactly how they arrived at that predicament (unlike TSCC). From my perspective, Dollhouse had a better chance of story survival than TSCC.

Joss has such good taste.

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