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July 30 2009

DVD Verdict reviews Dollhouse: Season One. A very in-depth, highly favorable review, but it's a screener copy, so no discussions of the extras, besides commentaries.

Couldn't find this previously posted in the search, so here you go.

I think the entertaining, True Believer should not be graded anywhere near the weakness that is Stage Fright, but perhaps I'm biased. :) And, I can't see how Haunted, can be considered the best episode of the bunch (it was decent, but not outstanding by any means), but other than that, I agree with her evaluations completely.

I loved all the commentaries (I usually do) and extras. This is a VERY fun DVD set, well worth it even for people who already downloaded the episodes on iTunes!
While I loved all of the content, I found the actual layout a little lame and wasn't a huge fan of the look they went with for the DVDs themselves.
I love that there is a "Play All" option but I miss the "Scene Selection" option.
Re: "True Believer" and "Stage Fright".
I was one of those who poured scorn on the first five regular episodes. But you still have to put that in perspective. I don't think those are bad TV. They would have worked for a lot of successful shows out there. They just aren't whedonesque enough for me. I find them way to formulaic to live up to the standards I came to expect from Joss' work.
That was genuinely marvelous and deserving of a thorough read. I pretty much agree with the ratings of the individual eps - I thought True Believer was as weak an ep, in it's own way, as Stage Fright.
I also liked The Target far more (apparently) than most, by far my favorite ep of the "first five" (I'd bump that B up with a plus).

And I totally agree that Haunted was the "sleeper hit" ;) of the season. I really loved this ep and think that Eliza did some of her best work in it. She and Olivia Wilde were utterly convincing in their "old, dear friends" camaraderie, such a departure from all that had come before.
And that isn't even taking into consideration the funny, poignant sub-plot that was Topher's birthday.

But if it's going to get an A+, so should Gray Hour and especially, Omega.

Some of the reviews I've read have made me question whether or not the reviewer was really paying attention, or just skimming the surface of the material. This was a really excellent write-up, by far the best I've read.
Shey, it's Olivia Williams on Dollhouse....Olivia Wilde is on House, LOL. Honest mistake.
Shey, it's Olivia Williams on Dollhouse....Olivia Wilde is on House, LOL. Honest mistake.
edcsLover9 | July 31, 13:24 CET

Oops, my bad. ;). I've never gotten into House, but the name must be stuck in the pop culture collective conscious part of my brain.
And I've never seen Olivia Williams before, but certainly hope to see a lot more of her.

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