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July 31 2009

Hijinks Ensue comic about Jamie Bamber as Dollhouse Guest Star. Other BSG guest star ideas as part of Lo-fijinks mini-comic series this week.

Gives me an idea, can Tricia Helfer be a Doll please. No! She can be the Adelle of another house. That would be great.

(ignoring the fact im pretty sure she has a deal to work on NBC for the next few years...)
I was going to say Katee, but thinking about it, I reckon James Callis (Baltar) has much more of a Dollhouse vibe to him. Grace Park would also be excellent. And Kandyse McClure. And Aaron Douglass...

I vote for James Callis. He's amazingly good at being what... chaotic neutral? Is that what you would call him? He would fit in very well at the Dollhouse.

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