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July 31 2009

Eliza Dushku's WET has a viral video. Featuring some singing dead people, killed by an unseen Eliza.

Just stumbled across this on IGN. I'm sure Joss would love the singing. I hope there's some in the game.

That LOL

ETA:Went to the official site. The game will be out Sept. 15th.

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Okay. That was sickeningly funny. Or maybe just sick. But I couldn't stop giggling. So... I guess that would make ME sick. Loved it.
You have to give it to them. That was original!
ALRIGHT! Xbox 360. I don't play, but my brother does. I just like to watch. And that trailer was fantabulous! And sick. But in a good way.
This was something about a video? I only read the first three words of the title and my brain committed vapor-lock...
Heh, funny vid. Might take a look at that if and when it's ported though i'm always about 2 years behind the games curve (i'm still pretending that i'm gonna finish "Assassin's Creed", even though it's boring the crap out of me).

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