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July 31 2009

(SPOILER) We are so [expletive]. The uncensored version of the title is revealed in this interview with Maurissa Tancharoen. It was the subject line of the email Joss sent when Dollhouse was renewed. (Spoilers for 'Epitaph One').

That's a very nice interview. I always figured they didn't expect to be back (with the making jokes about it now and the such ;)), but didn't quite realise they thought the were pretty much effectively cancelled :). Also: Maurissa is great.
Great read. Thanks Bix! Yes GVH, I found her quite likable.
I particularly like the fact they're always thinking of new web ideas. And that they've picked up on how much we all think of Enver Gjokaj. :)
We are so [expletive].

ooh, ooh, is it "... pretty, and witty, and wise" ?

OK, i'll read the interview in ... a while (I know it's now no longer technically spoilers but fair warning to others, there seems to be quite a lot about "Epitaph One" in there).
Oh yeah, the two week rule I missived. Yes so I added a spoiler tag.
Sorry. Must have missed the rule. During the con and after, I've been almost completely lax in my WHEDONesque reading.
It was a great interview.
Sorry. Must have missed the rule.

Not a problem for me personally, I stopped reading on the 'Eh' of 'Epitaph One' so I wasn't spoiled, just thought i'd mention it (some folk skim the comments before reading the linked article).
I loved the question and response about Joss's deadpan deliveries. Really made me smile.
I got to tell Fran how much his performance in 'Epitaph One' had moved me, and he appeared genuinely surprised and humbled. I certainly feel more sympathetic towards Topher as a character than I did before- I can't wait to see more of his 'arc'... and I NEVER thought I'd say that- roll on S2!
That Topher moment is a biggie, and he nails it.

Fran's performance of Topher is a bit like Amy playing Fred. They make it look so easy and natural that you forget there's a very good actor in there. It's not until Illyria, or this scene of Topher's, that you really realise.
Thanks missb and zz9 for vaguing that up - I doubt I'll be able to afford Season One for quite some time, so I'll have to avoid "Dollhouse" discussions for the near future.

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