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July 31 2009

Science Fiction's Scariest Priests and Preachers. Nathan Fillion makes the list from his role as Caleb in Season 7 of Buffy.

My first post after all this time! *nervous*

So you should be, jk. What was scary was his conviction that what he was doing was right and he wasn't going to stop.
Nice they used it as the main pic for the list.

Since this article was inspired by "Thirst" does that mean it's already out in the US? I've been waiting to see it.
Caleb is super-creepy. Freaks me out when I watch episodes with him.

Interesting they included Jesse Custer, since he's really only scary to the "bad" folk in PREACHER. Sure, super-violent and such, but not villainous.
Gods but I miss Carnivale. I've never even checked for the DVD, because the cliff they left it hanging on is so frustrating, I don't even want to go there again. But if this were a contest, I'd give the evilest priest of evilness to brother Justin, hands down.

Great company for Nathan. Although I don't know most of the others since I don't read comics.

Going back to classic old movies, I'd add Robert Mitchem's character in Night of the Hunter.
I agree with you, Shey. Robert Mitchum's preacher is just insanely evil.

And Caleb makes my skin crawl. So almost gleeful about every act of evil he performs.

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