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July 31 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon meets the press on the 'Dollhouse' set. Television Critics Association peeps talked Dollhouse today. The main link goes to HitFix. There's also The Star-Ledger, iFMagazine and shortly others. All should be considered spoilery for "Epitaph One" and season two.

His Fox handlers must love his candidness.

This sounds incredibly exciting. I wonder if this happens in Vows or later. It seems like Joss wants these developments to happen sooner rather than later, though, so I'm thinking maybe Vows.
I certainly have to agree with Joss that he finds the best ensembles around and works their asses off. The performances he gets out of his actors are consistently Emmy-worthy, even if the Emmy people never recognize that fact. And each actor feeds off the skills of the others to raise his/her game. While I have enjoyed the later work by most of the Buffy,Angel, and Firefly main actors, I don't think any has topped his/her performances in Joss's shows. (Guest stars may be a different matter. Amy Adams, for one.)
I'm not sure they'd mind, Simon. For every time he sheds light on their role in the troubles of the early part of the first season (which has come and gone and we're moving on from that), he's also adding how much he likes working with them, how they're taking chances and the likes. He even paints them as not-the-bad-guys ;).

But yeah: if they're used to more control and more generic comments, they might be going "wait..." :).

Also: these interviews make me pretty excited for season 2. I have the distinct feeling it's going to be awesome.
I allways loved how honest he was at the start of last season, you don't hear many creators say it doesn't really get going till episode 6, I found it refreshing. I am really looking forward to season 2 even more now though!
This was really an excellent interview.
"Also, my other shows' DVDs, they're being bought now, 10 years after the fact, so they're thinking long-term, which is not something you actually expect from these people, so we're grateful for that."
I'm glad to hear that stated out loud, I certainly thought that Fox would have realized that when they cancelled 'Firefly' so quickly they had killed a golden goose. Reality shows are cheaper to make, and get high ratings, but they never sell many DVDs.... And DVD sales really do add up quickly. I've just ordered my fourth set of 'Dollhouse' DVDs because I realized there were a number of people who needed to get them as gifts!
Yea, you can really read Fox two ways now. Imcompetent (Firefly) or well-meaning but very imperfect (Dollhouse). Everything Joss is really saying at this point is both an indictment of their attempts to steer creative direction but also very complementary in their ability to see the problem and stick with things in a constructive manner. Which is actually the best that most people with bosses can hope for. Mainly because most new bosses won't let you do "whatever you want" at first, and the only question is how will they behave if you turn out to be right or wrong.
It's only complimentary if you assume that Fox bosses are unmitigated retards who hate television. Yay for mitigation.
I'd like to think we can hold a civil conversation here without resorting to using derogatory terms like "retard".
Thanks Simon, I hate that word.

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