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July 31 2009

Portland DJ's call out for heroic vampires to fight evil lawyers. On their Thursday show from July 30th, Cort & Fatboy calls out for a brooding vampire to fight evil lawyers. And then there's some Firefly vs Dollhouse discussion as well. Eliza fans might wanna brace themselves.

Not really worthy of a comment, IMO. Anyone who doesn't know how to pronounce Jane Espenson's last name has zero credibility, to begin with.
And either of these guys should only wish they were half as cool as Xander. ;)
Let me summarize it: Two juvenile potty-mouth DJ's try to critique Dollhouse, Joss and Eliza.

I'm actually sorry you posted this, because it sucks mightily. If anyone wants to read some thoughtful, reasonable commentary, try Alan Seppinwall's or Maureen Ryan's columns on Dollhouse. Both do constructive criticism of the shows, but do it without the overt nastiness of these two jerks

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Not that it puts them beyond criticism (because it doesn't), but FWIW, said two potty-mouthed jerks are also the people that gave Portland the entire run of Firefly on the big screen for free at a brewpub.
Oh I don't think they were nastier than some of the reviews I've read about the early episodes of 'Dollhouse'. At least they loved 'Epitaph One', and of course I can't call anyone a jerk who loved 'Firefly' as much as I did!
Riverine: here's we like to play the ball and not the man. Please refrain from calling people jerks here in future.
Sorry Simon, guess I got a little over the top.

But it seemed to me they unfairly focused too much on "Joss listening to Faith" about the direction of Dollhouse. I know she's intelligent enough to know Dollhouse has to be an anthology of the characters and not just about Echo.

Eliza has moved on from Faith, and while she does sometimes channel that character, I see much more range to her than these guys gave her credit for. I loved her as the sightless woman in "True Believer"; I felt she gave a lot of depth to the portrayal.

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