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August 01 2009

Happy birthday to Miracle Laurie. She turns 28 today, many happy returns.

Happy birthday, Miracle!
Happy birthday Ms Miracle Laurie (surely everyone's favourite Ukulele player - and not just because it's a fairly small set either ;) and many more.
Happy Birthday. Ms. Laurie! And many, many more! Hope you have a fantabulous day and can't wait to see you in season 2!
Happy birthday, Miracle Laurie--you bring a lot of soul to your part(s)!
Have a great day, Miracle!
Happy birthday, beautiful. Looking forward to another season of you on my TV.
Happy birthday =)
Happy Birthday to the miraculous Miracle! I'm really looking forward to what happens to your poor/sweet character in Season 2 (but no spoilers! lol)!
Oh, wonderful Miracle! Happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite Dolls :)
Happy happy birthday, Miracle!! \o/
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday, Miracle. You rock! :D

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