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August 01 2009

Vote for hottest male bloodsucker on On the same page is a female vampire poll. David and James are down on the list way behind Twilight and True Blood.. not good. Darla is leading the female one.

At least David is wiping the floor with everyone else on the "Crime-Fighter Hotties" list.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of our favorite vamps, here's a tribute I recently did of the Fanged Four.

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But gosh, I hate our guys are way behind the one that sparkles.
Darla is hot, but I voted for Kate Beckinsale as Selene.

I'll get my coat.....
Well I have to admit that the lame sparkling vampire is played by the very pretty Robert Pattinson, but I voted for Alex O'Loughlin, in "Moonlight", because he was gorgeous. I have to admit that my all time favorite hot vampire will always be Frank Langella!

I know, I should be more faithful to Spike and Angel, who were great characters.... and weren't trolls.

eta: I wanted to vote for Vampire Willow as best female vampire, but she wasn't an option. :(
So I voted for Julie 'Drusilla' Landau.

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I voted for Juliet Landau ^o^v
I can't understand how EW magazine came out last week with a list of the top 20 vampires and Spike wasn't even on the list and yet here on he is rated number 4, above Bill Compton, I might add. Oh well, I know who is number one in my heart.
I'm sorry, but Eric from True Blood is the hottest vampire ever. Hotter than even Angelus in his leather pants.
I also voted for my crazy Drusilla, just loved her and Spike. Great couple
Gotta say, Lost Boys may be ancient history, but Kiefer Sutherland in LAST place? Wow.
The shiny new toys get the most attention. Give it another 5 years and some other poor sod of a vampire will be getting all the love.

Meanwhile is anyone else getting bored by all this media focus on vampires?
Yes, very.
Me too. (But I voted for Jessica - Deborah Ann Woll, - from TB. :-).
Voted for Darla after seeing Julie Benz's tweet about it, but... I never thought this would happen, that I'd vote for anyone other than Spike... but these days I am totally in lust with Skarsgard. Can't help myself. (Pattinson? I must just be too old, but ick.)

In general, though, yeah, enough with the vampires-are-everywhere-and-here's-the-profound-analysis-of-why articles.
Has anyone commented elsewhere about how like the events of "Retreat" the modern vampire fixation is? Have Joss or any of the other writers explicitly acknowledged the self-reference?
I voted the same, SNT. Because, well: she's awfully pretty :). Sorry Dru & Darla ;)

ETA linkage
ETFA that I'm really loving TB this season. It's jumped up from S1 and is firing on all cylinders now. If you're not watching and even remotely like vampire fiction: you really should :).

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I voted for Darla, because apart from anything else, Julie Benz seems so happy she might win.
Of course I had to vote for Spike: speaking as a strictly hetero male, he's the only vamp on the male list I'd sleep with.
I don't know what you mean... I love that there's a vampire related poll every two days that asks the pertinent questions like, "why are vampire's so hot" and "who's sexier?" In no way does it feel like a literary co-opt of Cosmo.

If someone posts "101 Ways to Please Your Vampire" I'm quitting. :)
I too am tired with all the vampire media focus, mainly because I like True Blood, and would have liked it even if it wasn't getting all this attention.

As for the people from Twilight being on this list, I have a deep, strong personal opinion that anything that sparkles and can walk unscathed in the sunlight is NOT a vampire.
Well, the tweenies are out of school and if you can vote more than once, that should explain it. :)

The only vamp who could begin to challenge my Spike love is Alex O'Louglin's Mick (show quality aside). But loyalty has to count for something. ;)
It's Angel/Angelus all the way, for me!

'As for the people from Twilight being on this list, I have a deep, strong personal opinion that anything that sparkles and can walk unscathed in the sunlight is NOT a vampire.'
Also, no fangs!

I'm pretty tired of this vampire focus too. Unfortunately, it's not going away anytime soon - second Twilight film's already being made! :(
I voted for David Boreanaz, because a girl's got to have priorities, and Angel wouldn't have been Angel without him, his hair gel, and his occasional white undershirt. It's all about the salty goodness.

But ooh that Skarsgaard, he tempts me. Lucky for DB I am the loyal type.

And Robert Pattinson? Not even close! I am his age bracket but he couldn't hold an ornate gothic candle next to David B. circa season 2, 3, and 1 of Angel.
Anyone watching Being Human (recently started here in the US on BBC America)? Seems like the vamps in this show are walking around in the daylight all the time. Not sure (I've only seen one ep so far) what the mythology is here...
When I click the female poll link, it goes to the male poll page.
That should be it fixed now.
ManEnoughToAdmitIt said: "Of course I had to vote for Spike: speaking as a strictly hetero male, he's the only vamp on the male list I'd sleep with" Heh, wouldn't that make you conditionally bisexual then ? Even if only to a tiny percentile and based on a fun, in-theory comment about a fictional character/creature ? It's okay, it's safe here, you can live up to your screen name. :p

Kirochka said: "Pattinson? I must just be too old, but ick" Nah, it's not an age thing. I wonder if the guy would've even made it onto the map without Twilight, 'cause while it might be mean to say this, I find the guy bizarre-looking. When Twilight was in theatres, a friend of mine wrote on his MSN, "not getting the love for the dude in Twilight--that is not a guy", heh, and while I don't think he's that androgynous-looking (and I've no issue with androgynous folks)...I dunno. I'm surprised he's caught on as an object of teen lust and I consider myself widely varied as far as tastes in looks go for women and dudes, but to each their own, right ? I just don't get it.

Can he act ? I haven't seen Twilight (apparently not the best vehicle for judging any of the cast's acting, from what most people say, even a self-avowed Twilight-loving friend of mine who wasn't happy with the film, but has anyone seen his other films?). I'll probably watch it before the new one comes out. There be werewolves in the sequel, so I might have to see it--although I'm considerably less enthusiastic now that footage has been shown and they look kinda lame, but at least the dudes playing their man forms are hot. But yes, the tradition of lame-looking or at least not very ferocious-seeming werewolves in 98% of genre film continues.

I appreciate Ian Somerhalder (I hope his new show commitment won't keep him off of Lost should they need to have his character back for appearances in the final season), but there was no point in including him in a poll when his Vampire Diaries or Vampire Chronicles or whatever that one's called hasn't started airing yet.

***True Blood comments contain up-to-latest episode discussion hereon(but no spoilers)*** Deborah Ann Woll. Her storyline on True Blood this year is kinda fucking adorable (and feels like it'll likely end in heartbreak or her death--no, I haven't read the books). Julie Benz is an easy choice too, but if we're combining quality characters (both of them are) with attractiveness...they tie there too and the only thing that breaks it is that Benz was often nightmarishly scary-looking in vamp-face (credit to the make-up artists and sure, vampires should be scary), it freaked me out how well it played around her eyes. Even crazy Drusilla wasn't that intimidating. The dudes, it often still allowed 'em to be hot (some fans say more hot--c'mon, I know you're out there, you fangbangers, you--it's no surprise either, since men usually wear beastly/animalistic better than women), 'specially David Boreanaz. And I know "Wish"-verse Vamp-Xander has his fans too. So yeah, "Jessica" for constant pretty (okay, crying blood is gross, one mini-strike against her).

Eric Northman wins the male vote. Sorry, it only took the Generation Kill mini-series, True Blood was more Skarsgard icing on the cake (sorry, that sounds bad). 'Cause damn. I think I appreciate Boreanaz more now (watching the odd episode of Bones or catching a scene here or there the odd time I'm aimlessly flipping channels). Sure he was hot when he was in his 20s on Buffy, but I think his more matured, filled out dad look suits him even better. He'd probably get my Buffy vote if True Blood didn't exist on this poll (unless the poll had included Jason Behr as Ford in "Lie to Me").

"That should be it fixed now."

Yep. Thanks.

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