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August 01 2009

Commentary! The Musical coming to iTunes. Finally fans will be able to listen to Commentary anywhere they want!

This is very good news. As I discovered during the CC Commentary Singalong, it's actually pretty hard to nail "Strike!" or "The Art" when you've only listened two or three times.
Heh, that's kinda hilarious, I wonder if they're gonna at all modify it for the sake of music vs. as a commentary. A number of the songs are surprisingly catchy but it's sort of hard to explain "so there was this internet musical, which had a commentary track, which was also a musical, which was broken into songs, which were good. Never mind not knowing Ninja Ropes."
Actually, "Strike!" and "The Art" are pretty hard to nail if you've listened to them dozens of times. (And, trust me, I have.)
Excellent!! Ninja Ropes is my favorite love song.
I finally got the DVD the other day and heard Commentary! The Musical for the first time. Now I want to know if there is going to be a commentary for Commentary! The Musical.
Actually, we once, here, wrote lyrics to such songs. I registered a domain, since shuttered, for "Meta! The Commentary! The Musical Musical Commentary".
Had "Ninja Ropes" in my head earlier today.
I remember when I first got my Dr. H. DVD and couldn't get a *lot* of the commentary track songs un-stuck from my head. Who would have believed that they'd deliver such another bunch of gems? I really can't wait to hear them in the car when the commentary track is available separately.

The worst was when I had 'Ninja Ropes' stuck in my head whilst at church for the big Christmas Eve service. Every time we were singing a hymn and I was internally humming *Ninja Ropes* I fully expected a lightning bolt to come and zap me into oblivion. (g)

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