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August 01 2009

(SPOILER) More from Dollhouse TCA visit, plus video w/Dichen and Enver. Another item from yesterday's Television Critics Association visit to the Dollhouse set. The article mainly has the same info as the earlier ones, but also has a new video interview with Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj.

I was actually thinking just the other day how interesting it would be to see a storyline involving a pre-op transgender person trying out a dolls body in the sex theyre wanting to change to.
"So this is Brooklyn. Six months have passed, my brother, and I have become king."

HA! This is great, because I have worked with writers who do exposition just this blatantly. We call it the, "Well, here we are in France" moment. This actually had me laughing.
A typical science fiction exposition is called "As you know, Bob". It's when two people explain something to each other, when both of them already understand it fully. (e.g., Topher and Boyd in "Ghost")
Which bit of Topher/Boyd in "Ghost"?
For me the Gold Standard masterclass on how to do a huge amount of exposition fantastically well is the fist ten minutes of Serenity. The lecture within a dream within a recording opener followed by the walk through the ship meeting everyone is just awesome, bringing newcomers to the verse up to speed while still being riveting to anyone who's already a fan.
Which bit of Topher/Boyd in "Ghost"?

I was thinking of "how did the wipe go?" followed shortly by Topher's "Why don't we ask Echo? Oh yes, she doesn't remember."
Ah, yes. I think the expositiony dialogue there was discussed at the time, too. I think my wank position was "Topher likes to hear himself talk", which was enough for me to let it pass. Heh.
There's not much that I strongly recommend in Blake Snyder's "Save the Cat!," but one thing that I love is what he calls "Pope in the Pool." Basically, it comes from some movie scene that was set at the Vatican swimming pool. There's some guy, and there's... the Pope. In a pool. In swimming trunks. And there's a ton of exposition being thrown at you, rapid-fire. But you don't care, because there's the Pope. In a pool. And you're like, "Holy crap! There's the Pope in a pool! That's crazy-talk! Wha...?!" And then after the scene is over, and the exposition pays off in future scenes, you have all the relevant information, but you don't really remember how you got it, because you were so distracted by the Pope in, yes, the pool.

The bigger rule is, if you must be exposition-heavy, have something fantastically visual going on.
Enver might be the best think Dollhouse has brought us, I'm really looking forward to season 2 to see more of him.
Enver is fantastic.

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