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August 01 2009

Video of Mark Sheppard on the Middleman SDCC Panel. The panel did a table read of the final episode of the Middleman. It is a very interesting watch.

This was probably my favorite panel at this year's SDCC. :)

Seeing this episode performed live since we were denied a proper finale = priceless!

Now, I just need to get the graphic novel.

For a streaming version of the entire panel go here.

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I quite enjoyed this panel :) Mark Sheppard was awesome/hilarious!
I was so glad when I heard they did this. hunted down that video. Shame it was a bit spoiled by the narrator rushing through his bits so fast.
I went to this, it was pretty incredible. Loved Mark and loved Matt Keeslar.
I don't think it was spoiled at all. That was Javier Grillo-Marxuach (the writer/creator/etc) doing the reading and he read it how it was intended in his head.

It was an incredible experience to be in that room. So much love!
Everybody should check out The Middleman, it's brilliant and hilarious. I'm crushed that it got cancelled. Video of this panel was definitely my favourite thing out of Comic-con this year, and I love that Javi can get through everything so fast! Just means I have to watch it more times to catch everything, which I don't mind doing at all.
He was also going quickly because the panel was very short. Partway through, a Comic-Con person whispered in his ear, and he started going even faster, presumably because they'd just told him that time was running low.
Liked Matt Keeslar for a while, since Gregg Araki's Splendour (the tamest of all his nutty, bi, often paranormal/sci-fi-involving indie relationship/road trip/rom-com flicks--this reminds me that I still need to see Mysterious Skin). And then liked him even more when he plays Lars in Psycho Beach Party (when are they gonna give Nicholas Brendon and/or Lauren Ambrose more good, or at least fun, movies to be in). Then he showed up in the second ep of Dollhouse, which was an awesome surprise.

Curious to check out The Middleman, eyed that set a few times. It's only one little boxed set, so easily obtained and consumed...
I just watched the entire thing, all the parts on youtube. I was so pissed when the middleman was canceled and am so glad this exists. Genius. Sheer genius in it's simplicity.

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