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August 01 2009

Tigh-tastic news - Michael Hogan to guest on Dollhouse. According to Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, he'll be starring in the second episode of season 2. As previously reported, Jamie Bamber will in the first episode.

Well, that's pretty awesome. Dollhouse is gonna get everyone from BSG at this rate.
Awesome. Out of the entire BSG cast, I appreciated his performances the most.
this is very smart.

BSG ends high profile BSG guest stars on the first 2 eps.
Hell yes - for the last two season Tigh was my favourite character so I'm pretty excited about this

Hopefully the combined allure of Tahmoh, Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan will draw in some Battlestar fans who haven't been watching
Great news! Can we get Mary McDonnell too? :)
Holy fraks Batman!!! Do you think he'll curse a lot, become alcoholic, and eventually lose an eye? Possibly come to discover he is one of the Final Five Actives, with his wife being a different one that likes to fool around? Cause that would be neato.

In all seriousness, great news. I always liked Col. Tigh, and Battlestar is one of my favorite shows, I can't wait for The Plan. In other news, do you think Jamie Bamber is gonna go with his neato British accent or the faux, Hugh Laurie-esque American one?
This just keeps getting better. ;) Joss's often expressed love for BSG is reaping all kinds of good stuff.

I wonder if Joss alumni guest stars are going to surface on Caprica, since there's a mutual admiration society between Joss and Ron Moore - and of course Jane E. at the helm.

People who dismiss genre without looking under the surface, are so missing out.
Very cool news, Hogan is amazing.

(shall we start the chant now ? C'mon everyone, 1, 2 ,3 "What do we want ? Katee Sackhoff on 'Dollhouse' ! When do we want it ? As soon as it's feasible from a production, scheduling and creative stand-point and only if an appropriate part can be found within the currently intended arc framework !". I may get some signs printed up)
If only Katee hadn't already signed on for the next season of 24.
'24' is a very dangerous show though. I think with enough pithy slogans we could fix reality.
Yeah but don't most 24 guests only last a season so....season three? ;)

I said in a previous post I'd like Tricia Helfer to be a competing head of a Dollhouse but I think she has a contract with NBC so I'm now saying Mary McDonnell. She has that calming aura about her but you know, push come to shove, she'll throw you out an airlock.
In my defense I know nothing about BSG or its characters.You see when I read that title line I thought it said "tigh*T*-tastic". And when I saw *Hogan* I thought it alluded to Hulk Hogan (ya know tights,wrestling...that whole connection) So my brain put together that Hulk Hogans son was going to guest.

Man I shouldnt go on the net just after waking up on a Sunday morning:)
Grace Park please!! :D
Katee Sackhoff is just too much to hope for, and busy in a show I wont watch even for her. (Maybe Dollhouse season 3?) ;)

But what a great idea about Mary McDonnell. Seeing she and Olivia Williams face off, would be made of awesome. And scary as hell (in a really good way).
Topher should order a Galactica replica and talk about it for an entire episode.

This is awesome news!
I apologise for the headline not being "A Tigh In The House of Love". It only just occurred to me.
Simon, will you ever forgive yourself for not thinking of that sooner? ;)
Regarding Katee Sackhoff:

I recall hearing that Felicia in Epitaph One was a standin for the original actress who ultimately wasn't available. Do we know who that original actress was? Katee would have also done a great job playing that role.
Now let's see if we can get James Callis up in the 'House...
Is Mark Sheppard still gonna be there next season ?
I am in frakkin heaven right now. Summer Glau, Jamie Bamber, Michael Hogan.

Also, as a fanatical BSG devotee, this may be my favorite W thread of all time. ;-)

Maybe we need to start an offshoot web site:
Gods dammit, he's not a frakking Cylon Active!
Not trying to be smart, but who is Michael Hogan?
zee, as this thread has made obvious, he was a cast member on Battlestar Galactica
Thanks guys.
The other neat thing about this (and Magic Jane being showrunner for Caprica) is that it starts building bridges between Joss and the SciFi network. That might be a better home for him than Fox in the long run.

You can see a list of all his shows/movies on search for Michael Hogan.

I will now take this opportunity to say I was really hoping to see Nathan Fillion on Dollhouse. I understand he is busying filming Castle...still, please.

Also there are only 17 episodes of Lost left...for Kate's husband to show up again...another please. Where is that Sawyer flashback with Nathan in it.
it starts building bridges between Joss and the SciFi network

With as many times as Firefly and Serenity have shown on SciFi (er, SyFy), I would think the foundation of bridges are already well formed.

I just love all the crossovers between the Jossverse and BSG. This is wonderful news.
Hogan is a fantastic actor. I hope they can continue to cast this quality of guest stars.

I agree with the posts above re. James Callis. He would fit with Dollhouse so well.
I've never heard of him! But then I've never watched BSG - should I be embarrassed about that?
Yes, I'm really happy about this news. Michael is a great actor! Also agree with James fitting right in with Dollhouse! Ooohh - I can't wait to see season 2!!
I am in frakkin heaven right now. Summer Glau, Jamie Bamber, Michael Hogan.

Is Summer Glau confirmed as being in season 2 then ?
I think she's still in the hopeful category.
I never really cared for BSG, and gave up halfway through the second season. I'm still up for anything that gets people excited for season two of Dollhouse though.
More excited about Hogan than everyone else put together. His performance on BSG consistently blew my mind.
This is such fraktastic news. Not only is Joss slowly rounding up one of the best casts ever but Tigh is my favorite character on the show and words can't describe how well Hogan nailed the part.

Is it wrong that I'm more excited about this casting than I am Alexis?

And I'll chime in on the "We want Katee now" brigade. I love 24 and all but she'd just be so at home on a Whedon project.
Alexis, Jamie, Hogan... Maybe Summer...

Michael Hogan did an AWESOME job in BSG, and after I met him at SDCC (Such a nice guy!!!) this makes me even happier!!

This kinda reminds me of Chuck Season 2, when they got all this awesome guest stars to help promote the show... I hope it works for Dollhouse!
I've never watched BSG - should I be embarrassed about that?

No need to be embarrassed. I will simply mention that BSG is Joss's favorite show.

Palehorse, the bridge that Joss needs to get to SciFi (or any other cable network) is the people connections, old-fashioned networking. That's why I think this is significant for him.
Building a bridge to an actor who previously appeared on a Syfy show is not quite building a bridge to Syfy.
The arrival of BSG cast memebers should attract fans of that show to Dollhouse. Can't hurt. Has anyone suggested Tricia Helfer as a possible guest star?
Tricia seems to get around everywhere, so I wouldn't be shocked to see her. It's like there are loads of her *glare*. Pair her with James Callis and I'm dreaming.
Yeah, Ms Helfer is all over the shop (not quite in the Mark Sheppard league but she gets a fair bit of work). Which is brilliant if you ask me ;).

I think she's still in the hopeful category.

I may have to do some more signs.
I'd like to see Grace Park too, but I think she's got a LOT of projects and is a regular cast member in at least one series. Not that she couldn't, it just might be harder for her than some of the others.

So thumbs up to the BSG cast, thumbs down to similar characters. Shock me please.

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Yes! I'm a huge BSG fan, and I love Tigh, the grumpy ol' bastard. Brilliant actor, and I am so glad that despite budget cuts, the show gets WAY better guest stars (not counting Amy Acker or Felicia, cause they were of course brilliant, but they'll be in season two as well) than the first season.
It sucks he won't have an eye-patch cause what that man can do with one eye...
It's too bad we won't be getting any Eddie unless he plays himself since he has already been name checked on the show.
I'd of course love to see all of the people mentioned from BSG on Dollhouse but let me add Michael Trucco and Callum Rennie. Michael really showed he was more than eye candy (and what eye candy he is) with what he did after realizing he was a cylon.
And Callum is always good, though I'm not sure if he actualy leaves Canada to work, so that could put a bump into it.
What I'm not expecting to see is Summer as Cameron in a crossover to Dollhouse with Hogan playing another tin man collecting the soul drives and programming more toasters in an ongoing experiment to extend the human race past the extinction of the human race. But that would be something to see.
Add me to the "would love to see James Callis" list. He is so much fun to watch (not only in BSG but he had a small part in Bridget's Jones Diary and he was great!)

Also Callum Keith Rennie (may have spelled it wrong) but I just have a thing for that man! I have noticed he was mostly in Canadian productions but he was in an episode of Californication, which didn't look like it was filmed in Canada to me but maybe it was.

It is nice to see the BSG cast coming to Dollhouse.
Nicki Clyne (Cally). Rekha Sharma (Tory). Aaron Douglas (Tyrol). Shoot, throw a dart--this was an amazing ensemble. Any of them would be a welcome addition to DH.
John McCain in Dollhouse? Hmmm...
Well, at least we've narrowed it down to the entire BSG cast (plus Summer Glau and ... John McCain ?).
I'm more looking forward to seeing Alexis Denisof in Dollhouse, than all these BSG flunkies. The only BSG actor I would be interested in seeing in Dollhouse is Edward James Olmos, but I doubt the Dollhouse budget can afford him!
I don't know. I'm kind of excited about seeing Alexis Denisof & Michael Hogan play off each other. For some reason that just screams "GOLD!" to me. Would be lovely to see.

Another thing I would love to see is the BSG crew SMILE. I know they suffered an apocalypse, but for crying out loud, give me a happy face! *remembers Col. Tigh all drunk & happy in bar with Adama*

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