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August 02 2009

(SPOILER) Chuck Comic-Con Video featuring Adam Baldwin. Something good to watch. This is Adam Baldwin at Comic-Con for the Chuck TV Series panel. Also another video where he talks about Joss Whedon here.

The panel also features a great introduction with 'Jeffster' (80's pop band that features the characters Jeff & Lester of Chuck) performing before the cast arrived on stage.

Chuck is the best show on TV at the moment (sorry Joss)and Adam is as always fantastic as colonel Casey. Chuck has everything, action, comedy, drama, did I mention Adam? :-)

Wish I could have been at comic con.
I caught up on the first two seasons of Chuck very recently after all the glowing praise lavished on it here. I really, really like it, and I was really pleased to see it picked up for a third season. But that said, I don't get the amount of over the top praise it gets; sure, it is very funny, sweet, a little bit angsty, etc. But "best show on TV", comparisons with Buffy, etc? I can't see it. And this is coming from someone who very genuinely likes the show a lot, but I think people need to be a little bit more objective in their assessments. It's like how people always claim that whatever the latest hot album is is one of the greatest albums ever made.
Well I can understand comparisons to Buffy, but not because it's anywhere near as good. It has kind of a similar feel at times though. I agree that it isn't amazing or anything, and it's certainly not the best show in TV, or not for me at least. I do love the show though, and I'm looking forward to the third season.
I'm nine episodes into the second season of Chuck, as I'm watching them as they air over here, and I seriously adore the show and its fantabulous nerdtainment, but I don't see it being the best show of TV, either. It's just hilarious drama, if, sometimes, repetitive.

Its on par with Josh Schwartz other, very different shows, I think (Gossip Girl & The OC). It's good at what it does.
What's the spoiler?
I just love 'Chuck', it is consistently fun and interesting and exciting, but most of all they are letting Adam Baldwin really explore different sides to his character.

I don't see any reason to compare it favorably or un to any other shows (particularly by Joss); I think they've created something here that can be better compared to 'Get Smart' or 'Napoleon Solo'.
Chuck is great for very different reasons than Buffy was great. As an action-comedy, there's just nothing else on TV right now that clicks like Chuck does. The similarity with Buffy (in my opinion) is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. At the same time, it does take its characters seriously. And like Buffy, the show makes those deft movements from goofy and hilarious to poignant and moving in a split second.

If I had to list my top ten shows of all time, Chuck would be in it. I can say pretty certainly that Dollhouse isn't. Not yet, at least.
There's a bit of a mention of Season 3 in the first video.

& contains a mention of what happens in the cliffhanger in Season 2.

There's some people overseas have still to watch so I'm trying to keep it spoiler free.

I became an instant fan of Chuck just after watching the Pre-Air I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. The only reason why i started watching it around that time because of Adam he's a wonderful man he does good things for us fans
I have no idea why it's hugely popular as well. I think it's a show that you don't really see on TV as much that features geeks in the show, okay there's The Big Bang Theory but that's really crap. The only ep I watched of that was with Summer Glau.

And I think I also have to mention because it features Yvonne Starhovski which I'm really tired of hearing or seeing of her of men drooling over her because she wears skimpy clothing and takes her shirt off nearly every episode.

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