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September 02 2002

(SPOILER) Season 7 trailer The UPN promo for season 7 is up on the official Buffy website.

Well more like a season 6 trailer with 5 seconds worth of season 7 but Dawn's sweater looks great.

I've read LOTS of comments about the sweater - an object of great debate. Most seem to hate it. They're very preppy, those argyl sweaters, at least they are over here. Not sure if they are in America. I think it doesn't look bad on her, just wonder how in the California sun she's wearing a woolly sweater and Buffy's in a t-shirt.
Maybe her classes are cold.
Isn't it time for them to update the Buffy site? I don't think they've rewritten the player/character bios in two years.
The season starts in 3 weeks' time, and there's no new cast photos yet, apart from that one cut and paste monstrosity.

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