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August 03 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse Blu-Ray review. Generally very positive review of the show's first season on Blu-Ray, as far as I can see no major spoilers but just to be on the safe side...

purrrrdy bluray caps....

I'll be back once my brain stops gawking at them.
Great review, although for the life of me I still can't figure out why Eliza doesn't seem to get enough credit in this show compared to others. Am I just a fan boy or is there validity to this? I hope that season 2 will really have opportunities for her to shine even more than I think she already does.
I think the review of the Ghost commentary was harsh. It was the least interesting of the three, but the idea that they go on "endless tangents" about Joss's rumbling belly and Eliza's strawberries is funny. Those conversations take up no more than a minute of the commentary. I guess that was one endless minute.

Joss solo commentary on Man On The Street was my favorite, and was very good, but I do agree that none of the three commentaries were quite up there with some Whedon classics (Serenity, Objects In Space), if only because he's set such a high bar for awesome commentaries.
My copy hasn't come in the mail yet (grr... aargh...), but this review seems to indicate that J-Mo do the commentary on "Man on the Street." This seems strange to me since, if memory serves, that episode was all Joss, written and directed, right? Bonzob, you indicate that in fact Joss does do that commentary, which makes tons of sense to me. Can anyone give a definite answer? Was the review wrong? Are there actually four commentaries? Do Jed and Maurissa actually do a "MotS" commentary? Curious minds want to know. Thanks.
Yeah, the review is wrong about that. J-Mo do a commentary on Epitaph One. Joss is solo on MOTS.
Although Ghost was my least favorite commentary, I do enjoy tangents. That being said, I found the tangents to be just a little more enjoyable on the E1 commentary. Of course, Man on the Street was my favorite of the three - but do wish we had more than three. Maybe for season 2!

Speaking of season 2, if they do end up bringing in Summer - will she be bad as well? I kind of hope we finally get a 'good' Serenity crew mate. I mean, Nathan in S7 of Buffy, Gina in S4 of Angel (debatable by Wolfram and Hart I guess), Morena had she played Eve in S5 of Angel, Adam in S5 of Angel, and to keep it spoiler-lite - you know the last one.

At this rate, Joss will even have Jewel playing on the wrong side of the tracks! Not that she couldn't, but talk about really twisting the knife in fandom's expectations. :)
Wonder when Topher gets the time to chill and spin tunes with the virtual turntables, that we see in the bottom right of this cap?
MOTS was written by Joss, but directed by David Straiton (and what a great job he did...).

At this rate, Joss will even have Jewel playing on the wrong side of the tracks! Not that she couldn't, but talk about really twisting the knife in fandom's expectations. :)

Jewel already had that kind of role, in Wonderfalls.
was Morena meant to be Eve?
Yep. It would have been so awesome
First I'm hearing of it.

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