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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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August 03 2009

When Wheaton saw Whedon. Wil Wheaton blogs about his expierence at SDCC, including being on 'The Guild' panel and seeing Joss Whedon in the front row.

Nice to know no one's immune. :) And that tweeted photo is just all kinds of awesome (speaking of Amanda Palmer, I just received her WKAP book in the post the other day, and it's wonderful).

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I'm glad he mentioned Kim Evey and ACME. As a future ACME member myself, it's nice to be reminded of the company in which I'll soon be included.

Also, when I randomly ran into Joss at the bookstore where I work, my brain did not act as the filter his did. I geeked the eff out on him. Horribly embarrassing and thrilling at the same time.
Say Wil.
Say Wheaton.
Now say Wil Wheaton.
HHHWil HHHWheaton.
Oh my Simon, that made my day!

Loved Wil's blogs while he was filming Leverage.
Wil was the second person I followed on Twitter. Felicia was the first.
I would actually like to see Wheaton on Dollhouse. I think he'd fit the groove just fine.
I was so happy to read that Wil geeked out cause Joss was there. =)
It'd be awesome to see him in Dollhouse...

And I couldn't be more excited about Guild season 3!
I'd so be feeling the same way if I saw Joss so close. Except with me there'd also likely be making a few vowel sounds and then fainting.
Love this - Wil is so much fun.


Sign me up!
Keep meaning to buy one of his damn books and actually put money in the pocket of the guy who's been so much fun to read over the years, could be my point has finally tipped. In my head that didn't sound even vaguely dirty BTW.

Always like seeing him crop up in things, not least because we'll probably get a good blog post out of it (hopefully saying how great an experience it was but even if not, it'll still likely be a good post). And to think, I "knew" him when he was just a clever nickname ;).
LOL! I can relate with Wil. I spent the first half of the panel taking photos of the back of Joss' head.

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