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August 04 2009

IF magazines interview with Juliet Landau Part 1. "It was surprisingly easy to find her voice again. I keep a file of all of my work, so I have all of my scripts." Changed to a different new interview until site is fixed.

Shewired Link disabled owing to "Reported Attack Site!" warning - Simon. We've been assured that the site will be fixed shortly.

[ edited by RavenU on 2009-08-05 00:21 ]

Heads up! Malicious code warning. Possible attack site.

Firefox (via Google Safe Browsing) is reporting to me that this site is suspect as of sometime today. 13 exploits from 4 different domains - malicious code installed w/o users' consent. Report is brand new - appeared when I navigated to the second page of the article. Now it appears with the first page, too.

The 4 sites look to be widget / ad sites read in on "She Wired". So, I don't think the main site is malicious or site owners doing anything nasty. I think they're linked to stuff that's ill-behaved.

Anybody connected to the admins / owners of She Wired might want to contact them. Get the problem cleaned up if true. or squash the warning if false. Meanwhile mobile code is lots of fun - and carries the usual problems of promiscuity.

Report is here:
i clicked on the link and my anti-virus (AVG free version) immediately reported a ton of infections that continued to multiply until i disconnected from the ether. i'd say the site's deffo infected :(
Makes me glad I run Linux / Firefox in a fairly secure configuration. I got the warning, but nothing that multiplied beyond that.

So that's 2 reports. Can we do something with the headline before that site clip too many more people?
I've edited the link accordingly.

ETA: One of the staffers at the site sent us this message

"The link on will be fixed shortly. The site was attacked overnight.

Apologies for the confusion."
Just a note to add the virus is *not* over at iF Magazine, which is where the current link takes people.

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