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August 04 2009

Adam Busch & Common Rotation play with Indigo Girls. Adam Busch (Warren on "Buffy") and the rest of Common Rotation (the band he fronts with Eric Kufs) perform "Closer to Fine" with the Indigo Girls onstage in San Francisco. Mr. Busch and Mr. Kufs Eric get their own verse partway through and sing backup throughout.

Excellent video! Love the Girls, love this song. There are few things I enjoy more than going to an Indigo Girls concert. The fans are incredible and it's so much fun to be there, with everyone singing along and dancing. I've seen them probably eight times now, starting when I was around seven years old, and I never get tired of it. Even though they do play "Closer to Fine" at every single show. :P
Great stuff, and great to see Adam and Eric - had to miss their last show in NYC :\. Loved them last I saw them in MPLS.
Here's another good one, in which Common Rotation is joined by Amy Ray and Amber Benson:
Had seen the "Closer to Free" video, but not the "Bitter Honey" version with Amber Benson and Amy Ray guesting. I feel weirdly proud of CoRo and how fine-tuned their sound has become. I was lucky enough to catch their NYC show and it was simply fantastic. And I just love them in smaller venues.

Sidenote, in that video and even just working the merchandise table, I must say that Amber Benson is so unabashedly and adorably fangirly for the band. It's really sweet to see.
Wow! Two of my favourite bands, jamming together! This is awesome! Thank you for posting it.

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