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August 05 2009

A review of the Dollhouse episode 'Omega'. Anna Pickard from The Guardian reviews Omega, shown last night on the Sci-Fi channel.

And tell us that the last episode of Season 1 will be shown next week, even though it wasn't screened in the US.

Try this link, for some reason it doesn't want to work when I put it in the article - sorry!
The link seems to be working fine for me, twinkle.
Thanks zeitgeist! Can't get the hang of this pesky posting thingy.
Huh. I laughed at the "black president" line, as well. But I'm pretty sure I was supposed to. Not a "bum-clenchingly bad bit" for me at all.
Na, the "black president" was either a very bad line or a line that just annoys half the people who hear it. When that first episode aired, the board was full of people who found it strange, not funny, or just a reach.

In my opinion though, if a large number of people say they don't like a line, it probably shouldn't have been there. You could have done something better. That said, it's nitpicking a good episode.
Ratings for Omega were 152k on Sci-Fi.

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