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August 05 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #24. Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch's highly anticipated Drusilla two-parter kicks off in this issue.

Really looking forward to reading this. Be good to have the loopy one back again:)
Read it, loved it. Man, it's great.
Just got home with my copy, just know it will be good, love Drusilla.
the issue was pretty good. I really like how they tried to portray that constant state of motion that drusilla seems to be in all the time.

being the first issue, the actual plot of the Dru storyline is a little (extremely) unclear, but I'm sure once LA goes to hell, she'll have all kinds of fun.
I have my copy too and enjoyed it but agree,unclear on what the storyline is per say.I'm sure that will come next issue.Atleast we know Dru is still a vamp.
If Brian Lynch is reading this - what is the name of the story arc? I didn't see any story title in this issue??
I was wondering that too.I'll also ask over at the IDW board.
I love Dru, and I loved watching her basically gut all these people purely for the entertainment value of it... but I gotta think, it would have been nice if a *bit* more of the plot/conflict was laid out. We got a mystery of her injuries, the mystery of this hospital and what it wants with her, but Dru herself seemed to be unaware or disinterested in any of those details. Unless that's the point, that she plays Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to her own Hamlet.
The art was fantastic. The scene where she's taking out all the doctors looked like ballet. And I really enjoyed the coloring. Black and white and different shades of blue. Very effective.
Really liked this one, even though it was a fast read and I'm not sure much happened. Loved the art, loved the pics of Juliet Landau included. Not to pick on Aftermath, but I'm glad that's over and the comics are back. I'm excited about them again.

And it really has been too long since we've seen Drusilla. I love her because she's always consistent. I've always felt the character was true to who she is and well written.
I've always loved Drusilla and it is good to see her out having fun. I'm really looking forward to the next issue!
Usually when the Buffy and Angel comic books come out on the same day I read the Buffy one first. But I'm a huge fan of Drusilla so I dived right into this issue. Very good indeed. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Quite a good issue. Very art driven and sort of light on plot, but that is not a bad thing, not at all! Urru's art was really, really great here--he captures Drusilla's movements and facial expressions amazingly.

There's lots of intrigue, too. Who's got Drusilla locked up? My money's on either Angel or Spike using W&H's resources, since this issue takes place "before the fall" and therefore concurrently with Season Five. Not sure who else would be a candidate. Buffy? Could be, but I don't think she'd get into a situation like this one where a bunch of people could (and have) die(d). Can't be Darla...I don't think Fred or Gunn would have interfered in Angel and Spike's personal business like that...possibly Wesley. Maybe Cordelia set this up before she died, too? Maybe Faith? I don't know. Feels like a W&H inside job.
Drusilla is such a rich character. She comes off as so tortured and innocent at times that you forget she's a killer. I loved this issue. Can't wait to see how she reacts to "Hell A" once she gets outside.
I'll be picking this up at Golden Apple tonight- anyone else going to the cocktail party with Juliet and Brian? I'll be there- come say hi- I'll be toting a boy in a blue hat!
Loved it! Just great! cant wait to see her interact with the new Angel club.
I'm with KoC... this feels like a pretty light intro to a two parter. It'd be a fine intro for a 5-issue arc, but we simply don't get that much Dru, so... this was too plot-light.

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