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August 05 2009

Alexis Denisof starts shooting on Dollhouse today. Per Alyson's Twitter. ETA: She also states that this is his first of four planned episodes.

I'm assuming this is the Tim-Minear-penned, David-Solomon-directed, Michael-Hogan-starring second episode which, per Eliza "is bananas. Holy shit."

i hadn't even heard of this. i guess i'm behind.
Joss announced it at Comic Con.
Awesome, now we know when to expect Mr. Denisof. October 2nd, here I come.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Alexis again. The fact that he's going to be in an ME-production, only makes things better. I've always felt that Alexis was one of the biggest talents on the Buffyverse shows and the fact that he doesn't turn up on tv more often boggles the mind to such an extent that I've been wondering if he's chosen to stay off it a bit.
Not only that, but someone asked if she could disclose how many episodes he'll be on for, and she confirmed that so far the count stands at 4. :)
VERY EXCITED and hoping to see more of Alexis!
Here's hoping the old Rogue Demon Hunter blows us away!

Go Alexis!!!
Sooooo awesome. I absolutely adored Alexis in Buffy and Angel, so this is great news.
Wow. Michael Hogan and now Alexis... Joss is basically just mashing the casts of Battlestar and Angel together, isn't he?

As ideas go, it's definitely not his worst.
Add my squee to the pile!
I'm so excited about this that I can't even make the squee noise. It got stuck in my chest. Trying not to suffocate.
Yay! Now if we could just get Amy Acker on to this show somehow...
As long as we're talking Dollhouse shooting see here and here for photos of Joss with Akin, finder of the Ariel Ambulance, all those years ago, who is at a location shoot today.
Looking forward to this. I wonder if he can do an American accent, and, if so, uses it? ;p
Dude, Joss finally has an iPhone according to those pictures b!X linked. Unless I'm mistaken Alexis is in the first episode, so this may be late footage, and plays a .
He had a British accent on Private Practice.
Gossi -- From Eliza's Twitter:
Friday: "Episode 1 under our belt, folks- its as rad & bad as rock-n-roll baby! Unfrigginbelievable!! Ahhh. Pride."

Yesterday: "Good day! Feel like a twitpic of some girl you know in girlie-shmirlie pigtails...? So far ep 2 is deelish"

You could be right that they're filming some stuff late, but I got the impression from those Tweets that they were done with ep1 entirely and were onto ep2.
I guess if he's, as gossi says, a , he'll probably have his normal accent.

Of course, that accent sounds incredibly weird to me when I see him in interviews. Expecting him to sound British and hearing him sound American really highlights the weirdness of my own (American) accent for me.
Add my squee to the pile!

Okay - you definitely squicked me with that one - now desperately trying to get what a communal pile of squee would look like out of my head.

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What? Wonder if him and Amy will have any *wink* moments...
Just judging by the windows in Brian's photos, I'm inclined to think that they might be shooting today at the Central Library in downtown L.A. There may be other buildings from the same era down here with those criss-crossy windows, but I can't think of anything else that looks major as in the shots that has 'em. There is another entrance that I think looks more like the background in the photos. I could be very wrong indeed, though...

BTW, I'm fairly sure we saw Joss with an iPhone at ComicCon 2007:
the comment, and the video. I also remember you could see it in his front pocket at the Dark Horse panel.

ETF: grammatical dithering.

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That photo of Joss getting arrested is hilarious. *desktop'd*

I cannot WAIT to see Alexis on Dollhouse. And I have no freakin' idea what his real accent is. That man is too cool not to be on television.

4 episodes! Woot!
Not that the show needs more per se, but I wonder if he'll be a bad guy. I mean, politician? On a Joss show? Sounds extremely intriguing....
As to ALexis's voice; I doubt if he'll use his natural tones. His voice is surprisingly high for a man as tall and toned as he is, and unusually nasal, considering he doesn't have a prominet "sounding board" like Basil Rathbone, Ricky Skaggs or I do :-).

He'll probably use a character voice, maybe something similar to Sandy Rivers on HIMYM.
The only time I saw Alexis out of Buffy/Angel, was in a submarine movie. His lack of accent was funny.
Oh Alexis was hilarious on HIMYM, but I'm guessing he won't be as funny on Dollhouse.
Alexis Denisof's American accent is distictly odd. I would hope he would use something else.
Like to see Alexis do a southern accent. Make him a Texan, or Tennessean. I just hope he has more screen time than he did on Private Practice.
The press better do some interviews on him! I would like his side of the story about "why" it took him about five years to get back to work!
4 episodes of Alexis? Yay! I hope there's even more. I'm ever hopeful that "as of now" turns into more and more. More Alexis Denisof on TV please. Especially WhedonTV.
I was so hoping for him to be Omega (I never spoiled myself and heard it was a Joss alumni) but Alan Tudyk blew me away and was simply amazing! Now I get to see Alexis for at least 4 episodes as well? So awesome! Squeee!
Okay - you definitely squicked me with that one - now desperately trying to get what a communal pile of squee would look like out of my head.

And you just used the word squick, so you can't talk. :P
Alexis may be starrring in a movie. Alyson said on Twitter that they are trying to make it work.
Also ... I don't think his accent is odd. It's more the pitch of his voice to me.
He comes down very heavily on his r's in an odd way, much like someone doing a bad American accent.

Meanwhile, I am very happy that he will be in at least 4 episodes of Dollhouse, and maybe a movie. He is an excellent actor who I would always like to see doing more.

ETA: Hasn't that movie been in production a really long time, or am I confusing it with something else?

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Huzzah! Very happy to hear Alexis will be in this show :)
Alright, we drove to the Los Angeles Central Library this morning to see if we could identify it as where the downtown Dollhouse shoot was yesterday. We drove pretty much all around it, although there are certain points on the circumference where a car has no access.

We can't say that it is where the shoot was - we couldn't find a spot that correlated exactly to what we saw in Akin's (sincerely cool) photos. We can't rule it out, either, because of its similar steps, landings & criss-crossy windows, and the fact that we couldn't see all of its entrances & exits. It could also have been at some municipal building from the same era.

The library is a lovely choice for a shoot - and if you had it on the Flower Street side, you'd be blessed with a cool green park and fountains to cool your actors & crew. (And as I recall, the L.A. Dollhouse is supposedly underground beneath 23 Flower Street? It'd be fittin'.)

Or, Akin himself could just tell us where the shoot was. *grin*

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