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August 05 2009

A new Cabin in the Woods cast member revealed: Jodelle Ferland. No word on what kind of role or even how large, but the news comes as a tail to this article about her role in the upcoming Eclipse.

She was good in Silent Hill. Though how reliable is the info as I'm assuming it comes from IMDB.
I hated her in Kingdom Hospital, but maybe she won't be as annoying in Cabin.
This girl is in every horror thing out there. When I was getting infos about Dead Like Me I just wondered if she'll be there, and...
I really liked her in Supernatural (as the creepy gal from the painting). I hope she is in. (btw, the gal's got a very long resume for being so young).
I'm a fan for life after Tideland. A really marvelous and nuanced performance.
I thought she was half good, half bad in Kingdom Hospital depending on the episode and I enjoyed her in all her different aspects in Silent Hill.

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