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October 03 2003

Kelly Donovan guesting on Alias? Nick Brendon's twin brother has been sighted on the set according to AICN *spoilers for ER & West Wing as well*. (It's now been confirmed he was there to do stuntwork).

Anyone here know what Nick is upto these days? I read that his "The Pool at Maddy Waters" didn't picked up. Is he working on a new project at the moment?

I wonder if a "spoilers for ER & West Wing" note might be warranted here.. not that I particularly care about these shows anymore, but others might be bothered by the major spoilage in this report.
You're right so I made the necessary changes.
The last I heard about Nick, he and his wife were working on writing scripts. They're trying to get a TV pilot of their own.
Didn't the TV pilot get shot already? I had heard that it didn't get picked up.
Nick was in a pilot called The Pool at Maddy Breakers. That didn't get picked up, but that wasn't written by him. He and his wife are trying to write pilots of their own.

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