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August 05 2009

'We have a story for the Dr Horrible sequel' says Joss. He tells MTV News "the writers are trying to put something together".

I think the multi-episode format is best. It can be hard for many people to watch anything beyond a few minutes. Just my opinion. Even awesome videos take me a few viewings if they are long, something about there being so much stuff on the internet I'm always clicking or refreshing something.
I just peed a little.
Most excellent.
No particular surprise. Joss has said he knew what the next installment would be about. I wonder, if they're actually batting it around now, if they're still thinking about next March or so during everyone's TV shows hiatus.
I'm almost afraid to say it but I'm kinda more excited about this than Dollhouse Season 2, although I sincerely love both. More NPH please!!! ;)
Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
Our Joss knows just how to freak my inner geek.

Predictable. Shrug. (yes, I said "shrug"). Back a few years ago when I was still using my umbilical cord for bunjie jumping and using mom's bladder as a trampoline, my mentat abilities predicted this, given the ordered nature of the universe and all. Simple, really.
YES! BreathesStory, if you're in heaven and I'm this close to you then I made it. Those naysayers were wrong. I SO knew God loved Buffy. That was my "in." Whew. Good work. Good work, Joss! Getting more Whedon stories, well that's a kin to moving up the Feast chain of command. Bye, bye kid table and hello goblets of never ending wine! Who knew a PhD in horribleness would lead here? Rock the on button, this internet is going to eleven!
Great job on the prognostication RhaegarTargaryen.

I'm freaking thrilled at the news! What will they come up with next? They like to do the weird stuff...
If you ask me, they should definitely work in an excuse for having a totally random awesome dance number in the middle and recruiting some "familiar talent" from the Whedon-alumn pool (who probably have a lot of free time right about now) for it.

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This is not unexpected news, after all, we know that Joss & company have been thinking about this for over a year.... But it IS thrilling news! I hope they are able to get on it, and then release it right before SDCC 2010!
Exciting if true. But I'm not getting excited over this until I hear it from a more official source.
Erm. More official than Joss saying on video that they have a story and the writers are kicking it around? And then @drhorrible tweeting this MTV link?

I'm not sure what's more official than that.

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I don't know what the sequel would be like, but having a rivalry between Captain Hammer and another super-hero over who beats Dr. H sounds like a natural.
We shall see.
I see a Viking. Or Vikings, even. Probably not. ...Plural, that is. One's enough.
Whoo-hoo! Last I remember someone said they had a title for the next Dr. Horrible episode.
@b!X: I'll believe it when I hear it straight from the Bad Horse's mouth.
Well, must admit this isn't unexpected for me either, partly because there was a video linked here last week where Joss says pretty much exactly the same thing ;).

(thought it was kinda weird that no-one mentioned it in the thread but then I got distracted and didn't comment)
The wait is excruciating! Hurry up already! I want my horrible goodness.

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