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August 06 2009

When Science Fiction Fans Go Bad. Our favorite evil trio makes the cut for their fan-boy antics.

The '. . . getting girls' gambit has been the ruin of many a poor boy (PN is speaking autobiographically of course).
How about the fans of Torchwood who threatened bodily violence because...NO SPOILERS! Sorry.

[ edited by marymary on 2009-08-06 03:22 ]
Uhh guys... SPOILERS!

Plus, this isn't about fans, it's about fictional fans.
It was a joke, tho. Sorry. Tough group.
No worries, it's just a huge spoiler. The DVDs only just landed in stores. :D

Just gotta be careful not to ruin an amazing story telling experience :D
I had to check Wikipedia to make sure they weren't joking about Superboy Prime.
Wikipedia? Speaking of when fanboys go bad... =)

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