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August 05 2009

Joss Whedon wrestles with the law during Dollhouse location shoot. Joss finds out what the long arm of the law feels like while on location today shooting Dollhouse.

Okay, okay.... Joss was "arrested" in jest by our very own Akin (of Ariel Ambulance fame), who just happened to be doing his job as a public safety officer during a Dollhouse location shoot today.

The photo was taken at the insistence of Joss himself... with his iPhone. :)

More photos from the shoot are here:

Edited to remove "Arrested" from title :)

Ahhh, I was wondering about those big black sheets earlier. I was asking myself if it was maybe for lighting, if the sun was blowing things out or something. But this makes more sense: keep the monitor visible for Joss!
I sorta freaked out for .5 seconds there. Maybe put quotes around the word arrested (aka "Arrested")?
I agree. I was like, "WHA?!"
I've modified the title and description a bit to reduce future freak outs. :)
hehe - very cute!
Love the tags for this article, and the pictures.
Finally, some one had the guts to arrest that "serial killer". Jenny, Joyce, Penny, Anya, Wash, Book, Fred, Tracey, Cordy and countless others. He should pay for his crimes.

ETA: I forgot about Tara. I don't want the Taraphiles to flame me or anything.

[ edited by crazygolfa on 2009-08-06 05:31 ]

Let's just say I had a cool day at work...

Though I missed what might have been the best shot, when I asked Joss if it was okay to take a picture of him in his command post, he said something to the effect of "Yeah, get a shot of me making awesome" and assumed an imperious pose while pointing at a monitor... and by the time I had my phone back out and ready, he had already dropped back to "normal" mode...
Absolutely right, crazygolfa ... if he isn't brought to justice, more beloved characters will die!

If Moist dies, I don't think I'll be able to cope.
Poor Joss. Probably raiding the craft service table again. But then again, he owns the craft service table, so it's all a mystery!
Hah. That's hilarious. XD
Thanks Akin, great photos. So cool you were able to get Joss to clown a bit with you!

Any chance you might appear on-camera?
Joss Whedon arrested!

Writer/producer/director Joss Whedon was "arrested" on the set of his new television program "Dollhouse." The charges include at least a dozen counts of character assassination, in the literal sense.

Friends and loved ones of his victims cheered loudly when the cuffs were applied to his wrists and he was led away.

"Finally justice will be served," stated Rupert Giles, who lost his love interest Jenny Calendar (nee Janna Kalderash) at Mr. Whedon's hands. "I had lost hope in the American justice system."

Mr. Giles also lost an acquaintance and coworker, of a sort, a Mr. Wesley Wyndham-Price. "I wouldn't go so far as to say Wesley and I were friends. We...uh...shared a common goal, but had...ahh...different methods of obtaining it."

Said Alexander "Xander" Harris, who lost his fiancee shortly after they'd gotten back together: "This man is sick. Sick and twisted. He waits until a couple is really, really, not close like that. I mean emotionally close. Then he just...rips them apart in the most painful way imaginable. It's about damn time he was stopped."

Captain Malcolm Reynolds, who lost two of his crewman, had this to say via wave: "There is a special level of hell for men like him."

Willow Rosenberg, another of the bereaved, could not be reached for comment - she was last seen entering a small local shop that deals in the occult. Some reports from eyewitnesses say that her hair was turning from its normal red to black, and she seemed to be floating above the ground.

When asked about this, as Ms. Rosenberg is a life-long friend of his, Mr. Harris shrugged and said, "You know what the Klingons say." He then made a sound like he was having difficulty clearing his throat, and then stated, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Stay tuned to your local monitor for further details on this breaking story.
Riverine, none at all... when working film details, getting in front of the cameras is not a good idea... Joss was way cool, though!

And great artivle ShadowQuest.

So going on my blog *Barney-wink*

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