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August 05 2009

The road to web stardom - a profile of Felicia Day. Forbes looks at Felicia's online success and quotes Joss as saying that "[she's] the queen of all Internet". Oh and this is for the stats fans, the article says that Dr Horrible has grossed $2.5 million so far.

$2.5 million? Really? That would be just insane, and awesome, and insanely awesome.
I have so much love for Felicia Day.
Interesting, but grossing $2.5 million is hardly verifiable without confirmation from Joss himself. Speculation could easily put those numbers in that arena (and much, MUCH, further), but it's just that, speculation. As reputable as Forbes magazine is, and given the current financial situation the world is in even that is debatable, that's a pretty large number to toss about for such a small production.

Now don't mistake my comments as an indictment. I'm not saying that they are wrong, I just don't swear by a number tacked on to the end of a Forbes column.

Congratulations to Felicia, the Guild, and Joss. You deserve it. :)
Yeah, is that a new number or a recycling of the made up one when it first came out? Cause wow.

And nice article. Yay, Felicia, queen of the internet!
Not at all surprised at that number as retail sales. I have no idea if it is accurate, but as a gross retail number it wouldn't be that much of a stretch.
Nice article. I'm glad Felicia is getting the praise due to her.
I'm keeping a link to that article...only document I've seen with a figure in it. Never know when I might need to tell a tr*ll how much Doc has made...

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