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"Who is this? Who is this? I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn't have sold it, huh?"
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August 05 2009

Angelus vs. Edward Cullen-us. Joss talks Twilight.

Leave it to Joss to make me genuinely laugh out loud listening to some Twilight/Buffy debatin'. Awesome.
Frackin' hillarious! That made me laugh out loud.
"There's no Edward Cullenus." Haha, oh Jossman you made my night/week/month/life.
LOL "He just gets shiny in the sun." My sis can't escape that!
ho hum in the wrong country again. I don't suppose the vid is up anywhere else - I could do with a laugh.
Was he drunk? He seemed drunk.
There's that 70% of the Dollhouse budget in action. :p
haha. Awesome, just awesome.

"He just gets shiny in the sun."

Made of win. XD
Love it! Joss is so right.
Whedon for the win! Angelus would destroy the whole cast of that terrible movie 3 times over.
What could Edward do? Sparkle Angelus to death? I'd love to see Angelus taunting Edward!

'There's no Edward Cullunus' Ha haaaaaaaaa!!

'Boreanaz would have him down in a heartbeat. No offense, cause he's hot.' Damn right!

Love you, Joss!
What could Edward do? Sparkle Angelus to death?

I would love to see that...
Attempt at transcript for those who can't see the video:

Well, the article basically says everything Joss says but without seeing him morphing into the various "personalities"--it does lose a bit. He’s clearly having fun. It’s basically a head shot and he’s wearing an unbuttoned collared whitish shirt. An MTV mike is held in front of him.

*lots of head movement, avoids looking at the camera, a little sarcastic* I don’t get this whole vampire romance thing. I mean, *huffs* that could never happen.

Who would believe that? It seems soo stoo-pid.

Um, you know, I literally thought that when I just created the character of Angel, I thought *said with slight smile on face*: “A vampire, in a romance with a slayer, people are going to laugh me out of the room. They’ll never go for it.” Clearly, I was wrong. *tiny smile off to the side* There’s something really timeless about it. I saw Twilight--

--and I was like: *imitation of hyperventilating*

“She loves him soooo much.”

Like you just--There’s something primal about that story. You can’t get away from it. And it jus--It works like gangbusters. (declaration) I love it.

(begins seriously) I think Robert Pattinson’s (and then...) really cooool. Angel would kick the shit out of him. (gets some fanboy on* Okay? He’s Angelus. There’s no Edward Cullenus *pumps neck side to side showing some attitude* Okay?

He just gets “shiny” in the sun. Okay? That guy wouldn’t stand a--Boreanaz would have him down like a heartbeat.

No offense, *widens eyes* coz he’s hot.
Was he drunk? He seemed drunk.

robfearon | August 06, 10:09 CET

Maybe. You must drink to stand a Twilight evening. >)
I believe he means it when he says he "loves" or at least appreciates something about that "primal" aspect of the story. I did, too. Just wish the writing had been better!

Thanks so much for the link. I lol-ed as well. Made my day.

There can be only one.
This made my morning! I laughed so hard that I scared a co-worker!
I actually used Boreanaz vs. Pattinson to illustrate Angel vs. Edward before -- I think Pattinson would call Boreanaz "sir" in real life :)
This is pretty great, though in the end I think he is far too kind to Twilight.
oh ffs I wish you guys would stop linking to videos that can't be viewed outside the united states!!!!!!
thanks so much breathesStory I can really picture it now. Joss you tease ;)
Boreanaz would have him down in a heartbeat.

I was just wondering what kind of heartbeat that was, a vampire heartbeat? Those just take forever.
I agree, UnpluggedCrazy.
@daylight - Don't shoot the messenger! Go yell at the guys who run/encode the linked sites who keep putting up videos that are region specific! Mumble grumble, razza-frazza, apple fritter. :(
Just so you know, vid = funny, BTW. Also, water is wet.
What sort of bizarre policy doesn't allow video clips of an interview to be shown outside the U.S.? I can understand clips of movies and TV shows, but an interview? Stupid suits!
Works the other way, too - there are sites I've tried to get to that wouldn't let me view their videos because I was outside the UK. Either way, it sucks.
"The internet views censorship as damage and routes around it" - that was the old mantra. Wonder how true it is now with Google owning everything.
That was pretty good stuff! HA!
Well, just to address the issue, hand-to-hand, in an "Angel vs. Spike" style fight (a spontaneous brawl), I'm not sure who would win. Angel has more experience and skill, but Edward is stronger and likely faster. However, that's not how Angel would fight him. He'd choose the setting that would give him the most advantage and then use every dirty trick he's learned in the last 250+ years. Angel wins handily. Same goes for Spike, he'd humiliate Edward (after letting himself get pounded for a while). Darla? She'd thrash him, and then screw him (because he's so pretty). Drusilla? She'd decapitate him with her fingernail.

Buffy? "You know, I beat a god, and you're not nearly as shiny as her." ;)
Hah! Hart Hanson agrees with Joss but says even no-special-powers Booth could probably handle Edward: Hanson's tweet.
And that ladies and gents is why I love Joss Whedon. Well that and all the other stuff.
Angel wins! Thanks so much for that ridiculous smile you have given me Joss. : D
Hey guys, I live in Australia and I can watch the video just fine so it's not an outside of the US thing? :)
Hey guys, I live in Australia and I can watch the video just fine so it's not an outside of the US thing? :)

I'm in Canada and I get a message that says, "Sorry - we are unable to offer this video to users in your region."

What's so special 'bout Australia? ; -)
For one, Dr. Horrible owns it. ;)

That was too much fun. Seriously. We need this in doses, people.
I thought Australia was to be his gift to Penny?

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