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August 06 2009

Firefly finally coming to German TV screens (link is in German). The RTL Group, which has held the German broadcasting rights for Firefly for years, has finally decided to air the series on German TV. It is scheduled to air on Saturdays around 10 p.m. on SuperRTL, starting September 12th.

Seems a bit daft if they've held the rights for year to start showing it now. But better late than never.
SuperRTL...who the hell watches SuperRTL?
SuperRTL aired "The Office", hidden somewhere...^^
Hm, weird, I was sure I posted a lengthy comment on this thread yesterday, now it seems I imagined it all.

Well, the gist was two points:

- Am I naive in thinking that there may be a Dollhouse-deal involved behind this move?
- The German dubbing on the DVD was awful.

ETA: Ah, that whole thread got deleted. Now I get it.

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The comment says River Tam is played by Summer Glau, who is known from "Terminator: S.C.C.". Funny.
The comment says River Tam is played by Summer Glau, who is known from "Terminator: S.C.C.". Funny.

That's because TSCC has already aired here, the first season even on free TV. (Funny sidenote: The show's literally called "Terminator: SCC" here, because there already is a German celebrity called Sarah Connor and the network didn't want people to be confused about that when hearing the title...)
I doubt the show will get good ratings. The Firefly DVDs have been available for some years now and there is really no point in watching the show on TV if you already own the DVDs. But at least there is a chance that some new viewers will discover the show. And on Super RTL the ratings probably won't matter too much.
Hell freezes over.Finally?! But Super RTL? *sighs* I work for RTL but I still dont get them...
Does anyone who is above the age of 10 even watch SuperRTL ? Well, at least they finally figured that they paid for it and should show it, because otherwise it would be a pretty big waste of money to invest money into something they never plan to air anyhow.
Remember CSTS in Hamburg this year.
That I live to see the day. Weird.

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