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August 06 2009

Christina Hendricks Isn't All That Fussy. Esquire interview with Christina Hendricks.

Go for the article. Stick around for the photos.
CH: I have a problem keeping my mouth shut. I usually speak my mind. I'm trying to learn my lesson.

Sounds like she already has it down to me.

And photo 3 of 5 ? Va-va-voom, as they say ;).
Holy moley.

Best thing to come home to after a rubbish day at work!
Love her. Watching Mad Men season two on Blu Ray right now. So great.

It's funny, during the first season, I loved the show, but it felt so oppresive and depressing to watch. I just tried to imagine myself living in the 60s as presented on the show, and it was like a horrible nightmare of sexism and racism and homophobia and machismo and constant smoking and drinking (well, I sorta liked the drinking part).

But in season two, the show has become the best female empowerment show since Buffy. It's really inspiring seeing Betty, Joan, and Peggy all sort of come into their own. It's still bleak in a lot of ways, but I find it a lot more enjoyable to watch now.

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Yeah, she very pretty. That is all.
I'll second that sentiment bivith! pure gorgeous.
I like how you all missed this part:

CH: I can see it in Esquire "I know my pork!" Oh, my gosh, you've had chocolate-covered bacon, right? It's so perfect.

Hello! Chocolate-covered bacon! Where's nodgarb when you need him?

The interview was great. The pictures were pretty.

...Maybe I should netflix Mad Men...
Oh man! I'll be in my bunk again.......
Gorgeous photos. Then she mentioned "with boning". Ooops, back to the bunk!!
Confession: I have a girlcrush on CH. Smart, level-headed, down-to-earth and so lovely. Just ... wow. Cigarettes aren't the only things smokin' on that show.

I literally (really!) finished S1 of MM an hour ago and can't wait to start S2. What a fabulous show, and what a stunningly great cast.
I'm in the middle of Season 2 (thank you Netflix), and really enjoying it. Joan is one of my favorite characters. I just watched the episode where they are working on a brassier campaign and divide all women into two types: Jackie (Kennedy) or Marilyn (Monroe). One of the guys is pointing out how all the women in the office fall into each category, Joan being a "Marilyn" and someone says something to the effect, "To be fair, Marilyn is really a 'Joan'".
I never saw Mad Men, but she was great in Life. It was a shame that she wasn't in the series finale. One of the best season's end of this year, even I didn't get the bullet moment of Roman Nevikov

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