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August 06 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest Interview with IDW Editors Chris Ryall and Mariah Huehner. This new interview touches on everything IDW has in store for the Angelverse. Topics include Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome with a look at Brian Denham's interior art, info about Angel: Only Human and John Byrne's Angel vs. Frankenstein, and when Spike's new series will begin.

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What IDW books do you think Angel readers could get into?

Mariah: All of them! But, more specifically, Id say Locke & Key, Groom Lake, The Dreamer, Tank GirlI could go on.

Ummm hello 30 Days of Night coz vampires. And also my first real post Buffy fix when the show ended. I'd also recommend Singularity 7. And yes I am huge fan of Templesmith (please let him do an Angel cover some day).
Great interview and glad we have a date on when the Spike monthly will start.Love the new page The Crown Prince Syndrome.
I really, really dig the interior art for The Crown Prince Syndrome, and it is also nice to hear the editors talk about only branching out 'once in a while'; they might not do as many spinoffs, when Spike gets his own series.

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Am the only one that thinks IDW is overusing the Angel property? It needs some focus. Darkhorse has shown restraint in comparison.
Brian Denham's interior art for #28 looks really fantastic. Can't wait to see more.
I disagree GhostsWatcher, every character that matters gets to be in the spotlight. And there are only going to be two on-going series, Spike and Angel, i'd hardly consider two series as overusing and in Spike's case it's long been overdue.
Vergil, well there's been the main series with After the Fall, Aftermath, the Epilogue, and now we are on a Drusilla two part story. I'm fine with those. But they also added a four part Spike After the Fall mini series, four issues of Blood and Trenches, and comics that are translating full episodes of the show into mini series comic books like Smile Time and Never Fade Away.

Angel will be fighting Frankenstein in a one off in Oct. We have a Spike series on the way, but also wasn't there a Spike Puppet series recently? Only Human starts next week. And Illyeria has made her way into Fallen Angel, which I don't like. Characters should stay in their own world. Kind of overboard to me, but great for others I'm sure.
I'm not usually keen on crossovers but, uh, have you read the Fallen Angel/Illyria comics yet? Cuz... yeah. They are kind of bad ass. Don't knock it 'till you tried it, I guess is what I"m trying to say.
They are churning out a lot of books lately. Some are rather frivolous (the episode adaptations) but some are fantastic ("Blood and Trenches") so I'm not complaining. Really looking forward to the Angelus/Frankenstein story and the annual sounds like all sorts of fun.
Hey, as long as the writing is good and true to the characters, and the art isn't crap, I'm fine with it. IDW seems to have learned their lesson after that hiccup.
Hey, as long as the writing is good and true to the characters, and the art isn't crap, I'm fine with it. IDW seems to have learned their lesson after that hiccup.

Agreed. After Aftermath IDW is really returning in full force with some great stuff to look forward to. 6 issues from Brian/Urru/Mooney and then a really exciting new team with Willingham/Williams/Denham/Messina.

I am a happy Angel camper ever since #23 came out.
Yes, their teams are currently made of awesome.
GhostsWatcher, most of what you mentioned was part of the main Angel series. Spike:After the fall was the only spin-off and a mini-series at that.

All the rest you mentioned like Angelus vs Frankenstein,Blood and Trenches is extra for the fans that want it, IDW didn't false advertise or act as if these comics are canon. They are there for the fans that want more of these characters.

The Spike Shadow Puppets series was short and a long time ago, from even before After the fall started. And the most important part you missed is that previous Spike series were 4 or 5 issues long. The upcoming series is on-going, Spike in the lead.

Again there is no need to buy all those comics you mentioned if one does not want to. I myself will be waiting for the Spike series to start. I'm not planning on buying any of those Angel/us books. Only human mini-series sheds more light on Illyria and Gunn, i'm not intrested but i'm glad for the fans that want this and are getting it.
Vergil, I didn't say I would buy all of these comics, because I'm not. All I said was IDW is overusing the Angel property. Quality over quantity.
I understood that GhostWatcher but i still disagree. It's not as if only one writer is writing every Spike/Angel/other spinoff comic.
And i believe the quality of Idw's comics is a lot better then what it used to be, the early years had almost nothing but terrible comics. The arrivel of Spike:Asylum changed that.

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