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August 06 2009

Dollhouse DVD enters the top ten on the first week of release. According to Nielsen VideoScan, it came in at no. 9 with a Blu-ray share of 20%.

The Numbers website will have estimated sale figures out early next week.

Well I've already bought four... not to impress Fox, but because I have friends and family who will really love having this great show on DVD (particularly the unaired 13th episode).
It'll be interesting to see if it stays there. Seems reasonable to assume there'll be a big jump early on because of us, if it stays in the top 10 for a few weeks that might indicate that the show is making new us-es.
Probably unlikely. Looking at last week's chart, all the TV releases have already dropped off in the second week. They just don't do the numbers that movies do.
Firefly was on the charts for decades though.

Yes, I have come from the future, where Firefly is still selling well.
Anything selling at all could technically be considered to be on some chart somewhere.
I hope we're able to provide the sales that Fox & Joss are counting on. I need me more Dollhouse. *looks around anxiously with blood-shot eyes*
I just bought my copy yesterday (had to go to 2 different stores to find it, so that's a good thing, right?) so I'm trying to do my part.
Shocked that Dragonball got ahead of us. ;p
Don't be so shocked. Anything with James Marsters in it sells well. I expect that "Moonshot" is doing great business for the History channel site.

I'm just glad that both Joss and James are in the top 10 there.
Moon shot is #1 on the History Channel site and it's not even out till November

Nice to see Joss and James in the charts
Based on how these numbers usually shake out, that means Dollhouse sold between 50-70k copies. About par for the course for this type of release.
This is good news. I don't know exactly what it means, but it's good.
I think it is really good news that they've sold so many(more expensive than DVD) Blu-Ray sets. That goes well with "Dollhouse" being sort of Fox only prestige reviewer favorite/fandom darling programme.

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