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August 07 2009

AbbyShot Clothiers' Browncoat is on sale and available for preorder. Things from Another World (tfaw) has our good Captain's Browncoat available for preorder, at 20% off. Just the thing for your next Shindig or Con!

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I'm debating in my mind as to whether this is the priciest Whedonverse item to date.
If it is, I bet it won't be after the Serenity Ship Model is made available.

If memory serves, the guy who designed the original Browncoat still makes custom-made coats for about $400. Don't quote me on that, but a friend in Seattle owns one.

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I'm still upset that no one thinks Spike's coat is unique enough to mass produce. I keep arguing that if it was not so unique, I wouldn't keep asking for one because I'd already have one. :(
TDBrown, the Jonathan Logan replicas were $1200 last I checked, but that's for a coat from the original pattern made out of deerskin rather than suede, from the hands of the creator. Pricey, but gorgeous.
Thank you, RayHill. I knew it was incredibly pricey, but wasn't sure just how pricey.
That is the ultimate geek chick magnet.

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