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August 07 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel: Only Human #1. The Illyria/Gunn mini-series comes out next week.

Looks great! Should be a fun read.
I love the inside art and the first cover. But the other one with the dog? Ack! Illyria just doesn't look right there.

But the sketches and colors for the comic look great.
Great preview! Really looking forward to this mini-series.
I still feel very dubious about this title; not because of the canon but because of the writer. Scott Lobdell has never been to my tastes and he came into the industry during a very rocky time (the 90's) where too much focus was placed on extreme, unnecessary violence, big biceps, and even bigger boobs. Lobdell is a product of that era to me and these five pages... I dunno, dude. There's something about their composition that just doesn't jive for me in the context of the Angel universe. This isn't a spandex book, you know, and I feel like that's how it's being treated. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but these first five pages didn't please me at all.
I think Lobdell's best work was his run on Generation X. It was a book about teenagers with mutant powers but far from the standard thoroughfare of costumed heroes saving the day. It dealt just as much with the lives of the core characters as it did the villains they faced. Of course, his run on the book ended and the series went a whole different direction, but that's neither here nor there.

That said, I'm hoping he surprises me with a return to that style of storytelling. The Angel comics haven't been as big a hit on my radar as Buffy Season 8 but this might change that for me.
I think the art is great and the writing seems good. The only problem... it totally sounds like Angel and isn't it supposed to be Gunn? If it were Angel Id say he has Angel down pat, in fact Id think it was exceptional, but that doesnt sound like Gunn to me.
vampmogs, I was thinking the same thing. It didn't really sound like Gunn to me.
Me too. I know it's Gunn, but I kept hearing Angel in my head.

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