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August 07 2009

Summer Glau Dancing. I found this through A nice compilation of Summer's dance scenes, with a great composition from Greg Edmonson. Enjoy!

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It should be made tradition for Summer to dance in every show she's in. But not just for that reason. Must be mixed in, like they did with T:TSCC. That was nice.
She is a creature of extraordinary grace, isn't she?
Great find, thank you for posting this.

Hmmm, Dr. Horrible the Ballet....

Summer as either a super-villian or super-hero whose power is her dance.
I'm just saying...
Summer Glau dancing has drawn twice as many visitors as anything I've blogged. Good.

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Thanks for the link! It also led me to the summer glau dance portrait and the rehearsal footage that youtube suggests(which I'm sure y'all know about but that I've never noticed before). Her talent just leaves me in awe.
Thank you TD. It took me back to a time when I danced all over my apartment in my youth. I always did love to dance.
Thanks for that, just incredibly beautiful. It also reminds me that I still miss T:TSCC. :(
She is a creature of extraordinary grace, isn't she?

That she is.

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