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August 07 2009

Cousin Beth learns to cook from the Master - Chef, that is. Amy Adams, whose Cousin Beth famously called Tara a bitch for not doing the housework for the family menfolk, steps into the kitchen herself in "Julie & Julia", as an aspiring writer who spends a year cooking everything in "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".

And while the connection to the Jossverse might seem stretched, it's worth remembering that Julia Child didn't merely change how America eats, she was an apparently destiny-free woman who set out to do something she loved, and and in doing so created her own destiny. At a time of great pressure in this country for conformity, she was not afraid to go on television and be completely and genuinely an individual. In my mind that puts her in the "Strong Women" lineage.

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Wait. A celeb having a relative who once made a comment about a Buffy character now qualifies one to be posted on Whedonesque? Seriously?
I think you misunderstood, RayHill. Amy Adams played Tara's cousin Beth in the episode about Tara's birthday and the "family curse." She had a memorable line calling Tara a bitch for sticking up for herself and preferring her adopted Scooby family over her father and brother.
Ah, gotcha. That makes a lot more sense. :)
Saw it tonight. It was fun and really made you want to learn how to cook well. Amy did a nice job and Meryl Streep has never been better.
Julia Child was a superhero, in my book. Looking forward to seeing this.
It's an appealing movie, though the tone is a little too ... even, I guess. I read a blog post recently accusing Amy Adams of being an actual toon character due to her perpetually sunny disposition and inability to emote darkly, and that does play a part in the feel of this movie.

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