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August 07 2009

Five Movies in Desperate Need of a Sequel. Coutesy of dmc from the UniversalHD Boards. This is a nice little article from the Seattle Times that lists five good choices. Can you guess which film made #1 on the list?

-Which five films would make your list?


Serenity is in thundering need of a sequel, and I'm in thundering need of a facial.
Technically it's not the Seattle Times, it's the online-only PI, which is running this kind of story more and more.

(A friend of mine may work there, but it's swiftly becoming just another website rather than a newspaper...)
I'm glad they mentioned The Incredibles. One of the finest Pixar movies released to date, IMO.

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This author has a great taste in film. As in, my same taste. It's tasty.
"Once" does NOT need a sequel! It's a wonderful musical that stands entirely on its own. The ending was perfect.

And I'd rather see a revival of Firefly, even if was limited to an animated series, rather than a sequel to Serenity. That being said, I think the chances for either happening are between slim and none.
I'd rather have an Incredibles sequel, personally. I loved Serenity, but it's not like I'm going to let my 4-year old daughter watch it whenever she wants. :-)
I can't agree with any of the choices after 2. Serenity and The Incredibles surely deserve a sequel, but I think the others are all fine as they are. Especially Once, which is a beautiful film that would kind of be ruined by a sequel, regardless of how good it might be.
I'd prefer a sequel to 'Serenity' over 'The Incredibles' but both would be worthwhile. The rest ? Bit thin in most cases I reckon (the cops from Superbad spin-off would probably be funny enough but it seems to lose the heart of the original that elevated it - slightly - above your run-of-the-mill teen comedy).

Totally off-topic BTW but the same site has an article about John Hughes dying which makes me sadder than I thought it would. Life really does move pretty fast, as it turns out, hope he stopped to look around once in a while.
"Once" does NOT need a sequel! It's a wonderful musical that stands entirely on its own. The ending was perfect.

I wouldn't mind seeing a sequal to Once, but as soon as they came out with 'Twice', they'd be opening themselves far too much to 'Three Times a Lady', so, better not go there, maybe...
How old is this article? Wasn't there a sequal made to "Kill Bill" aptly titled "Kill Bill 2?"

I would love to see a sequal to Serenity!
Actually, Yoga Lady? The two Kill Bill films are technically ONE single piece of cinema...or at least they were intended to be. The Powers That Be at the studio persuaded/pressured Tarantino into splitting the one 4-hour film into 2 individual 2-hour films.
Thanks for clearing this up. I had no clue that Kill Bill was originally intended to be one, four-hour long movie.

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