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August 07 2009

(SPOILER) Fran Kranz talks "Epitaph One" and Dollhouse Season 2. He too confirms that "Epitaph One" is very much informing the stories they're doing now, and he hints at what place Topher's arc might start out in Season 2.

In the end he also talks about the show and Season 2 in general:

"Look, it's a provocative show," Kranz said. "The technology, when you really choose to think about it and its consequences, is really provocative. We're definitely exploring that much more this season." The second season represents one last chance for Dollhouse to capture a sizable audience. "It's like second life, and we're really going for broke in the second season," Kranz said. "It's really going to be out there. It's really twisted. It's much darker. We're really taking advantage of the opportunity, so I'm pumped. Certainly it's getting more into the characters. They're no longer really stand-alone [episodes]."

Sounds good to me.

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This excites me greatly. I look forward to seeing how they weave Saunders' story throughout the course of season 2 considering she's only signed on for a few episodes at this point. As Fran pointed out, she does 'work across the hall.' I trust they'll find a way to make the audience feel her presence even in episodes she doesn't appear.
I'm really looking forward to season two, especially since it clearly has a direction now!
So glad to hear they address that immediately. Mannnn this is gonna be some good TV.
Everything he said sounds awesome!
I'm so in love with this show. Even moreso now.

I think the new saying should be, "Did I wake up?"

"For 13 more episodes."

"Am I renewed?"

"For a few more seasons."
Because it is awesome. It'll be a party. Every Friday. At my house. And the best part? No clean-up. :)

LOL @ didifallasleep. I'm right there with you. :D
If any of you have seen Epitaph One, just remember that what changes everything will come from somewhere that will surprise everyone, then later surpises no one.
Yes, I am vaguing it up for everyone. Look, just see "E-one". It happens halfway, and
Then, keep that in mind as we see the Dollhouse try to fulfill its purpose for those who created it.

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Great interview, it really gets me even more exited for season 2, though thats not hard to do!
There's a good article about Cabin in the Woods available on this same page, immediately following the article about Dollhouse.
Actually the most interesting new thing he said-- to me at least-- tied back into Omega rather than Epitaph One.

For some reason I just took Whiskey/Saunders at her word that Topher had programmed her to dislike him. Maybe self-loathing, maybe since he was giving her a hint about something. This suggests that instead she dislikes him on such an innate level that she assumes it came from the technology.
I suppose it could be either. I'm with you that I at first took her at her word that she seemed programmed to hate him. But at the same time, I can see her growing to dislike him without programming, or even being so angry at that moment that she said it to mess with Topher's head in the only way she could.

Unfortunately we only get her for three episodes so I doubt we'll get a healthy portion of resolution on that one.
Except that the link says they get to it "almost immediately".
No I get that they'll bring it up. I'm just drawing the distinction between how resolved their relationship can actually be in only three episodes. That something will happen is a given from the article.

Unless of course it turns out to be very simple, in which case never mind. You can do it in thirty seconds.

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