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August 07 2009

The AV Club staff explain which celebrities they would choose as a best friend. Mr. Whedon is one of the chosen.

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I assume that Felicia and I would be BFFs if we knew each other. I know it won't happen, but I figure it's a harmless assumption.
My girlfriend was in an improv class with Felicia a couple years back (pre The Guild, Dr. Horrible, and Dollhouse). They got along really well instantly and were gonna hang out, but then they never did, mostly cause Felicia was all busy. And then I was sad.

Even more sad, my girlfriend can't stand Buffy and doesn't really like Joss. Felicia's potential friendship would have been wasted on her. WASTED.
No fair! The question, "What celebrity do you think would make a good best friend?" is rather more answerable than "What celebrity would you choose for your best friend even if you have one that you've spent decades breaking in and whom you have no wish to replace?"

That said, yeah, the Typist of Royal Hue has, from all indications, a real gift for friendship across the entire silly-serious spectrum.
I can imagine having Clive Barker as a best friend would be pretty amazing; hearing the incredible but sometimes messed up ideas he has for paintings or short stories or his occassional movie over coffee would an experience I would relish.
Plus, if he's got any studies for his paintings he doesn't want anymore, my walls would always have space.
But Joss would definitly be the ultimate best friend. I could help collaborate an epic movie between Clive and Joss (as long as my house doesn't explode from the concentrated creativity or their collective egos).
It would be nice to have a best friend with a (I'm assuming) nice house where we could all do Shakespeare readings.

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