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August 07 2009

Contropussy - Emma Caulfield's new webcomic. It was debuted this weekend at Chicago Comic-Con. Emma tweets "Yes CP will be motion animation in a few months. The web comic is only phase one people".

I am currently assembling a crack team of linguists to help me decide whether or not the pun in panel 3 actually works.
Two teams might be safer when you're unravelling such bewildering subtleties. Ahem. In the next strip i'm assuming we discover that the cat has a cat (which s/he sometimes likes to lick) cos otherwise, with the sense ? Not so much. And puns kind of have to make sense in both meanings to work (or maybe that's just good puns ?).

Need to see more really, it seems (since the creators appear to be grown adults) that it's intended to be ironic but it's hard to tell from 3 panels. Could be interesting.
Well, the name turns me off a bit. It just... tries too hard. But it does seem to be following trends that I see in other titles, various commercials, etc. that repulse me as well. So what do I know? I guess it'll fly with a certain kind of funny-bone.

I'm assuming by the title, that Emma's looking forward to pushing a whole lot 'o buttons. ; )

I do like the art work though. It's stylin'. I keep thinking of Eartha Kitt--shades of THE Cat Woman.
Goodness gracious. Is this to be treated much like James Bond-esque punning?
She said the webcomic was going to come out twice a week for a few months and then phase two will be "animating" the still images from the strips (like they did with watchmen) and then phase 3 a few months after that will be real animation. She also said she wants her friend to do a bunch of the voices (wouldn't say what her name is) and that she wasn't opposed to doing some of the voice work herself.

BreathesStory, she said that exact same thing about the title being an obvious indication of the kind of stories that will be told. She said it's going to be smart and funny and covers everything from mainstream humor to sexual politics.

Right after she talked about her new creation, someone asked her about the possibility of working with Joss as a co-creator of "something," she really appeared to be taken aback...she said she'd never thought of that and it was like she got dizzy and giddy at the idea. Hopefully someone will post video of that soon, it was pretty interesting to watch. I think she had "a moment" in front of a room full of people.

She was great. As sweet as could be and really embraced the fans.
That cat's so cool it makes pussy jokes AND smokes!
Hollywood and celebs seem so often to self-parody, but with no self-awareness. "Cool" is juvenile sexual puns and anything that (it is desperately hoped) shocks.
I agree that this is too little to judge, though the first impression is that the humor will be juvenile and obvious. So I'm thinking that if it is not, they should have put up more than three panels to give the first impression. I'm hopeful that they will turn this around so that it actually is/was smart and funny.
It has a sassy feel to it which could work well. But as most people have pointed out, it's still early days.
Like the style and look. Willing to wait for more story before passing judgment on that. "Contrapussy is who I am" gave me a little Selfless vibe . . .

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