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August 08 2009

(SPOILER) Fran Kranz talks "Cabin in The Woods". He describes it as "amazing and entertaining", the spoilers being only very broad descriptions of the main characters.

Thanks SteveP for the heads up!

That description is potentially very spoilery all by itself! (If it means what I think it means. But maybe it doesn't.)
Isn't a mention of Trueman Show a spoiler? It's certainly news to me and makes me suspect that someone will be spying on and/or orchestrating events in the cabin.
Argh, the spoilers, they burn. It's like pathological with Fran. Remember when he was going on about exactly what the attic was before the first Dollhouse aired?
Haha, yeah, I'm thinking he's not the best at keeping secrets. That said, I don't think his description here does anything but confuse me more.
Yup, if those spoilers can ruin a movie... the movie would have to be really bad. I think Joss already did some of this spoiling himself... or at least I remember an article related to this and Bradley Whitford.
If you can find that, please do. Because as closely as I've followed public statements about this movie, I don't remember Joss coming anywhere close to this. But I also haven't had much coffee yet this morning, so maybe my brain isn't ramped up yet.
Evil Dead meets The Truman Show by way of Scream is how I'd describe the script.
I don't think there's anyone who can stay 100% unspoiled before they see the movie.
Especially those who Wade into spoiler-tagged threads.
I remember an article related to this and Bradley Whitford.

Wait, Joss is making a film with the Aerosmith guitarist?
No, he's making a film with Josh Lyman from the West Wing. Easy mistake, though.
Or the West Wing actor. I'm pretty sure whichever is funnier is what we'll go with.

I found the link I was referring to (or I think it was) because it was so long ago my details were quite sketchy on it. Simon posted this 2-28. You can read it here although it is VERY spoiler intensive provided it can be trusted and the script hasn't changed much. It wasn't Joss or Bradley who leaked anything, but someone who claimed to have a synopsis of the story. What I could recall + Truman Show reference = previous leak.

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I wonder whether Fran has Joss's permission to give these details? The interview seemed to be in a somewhat 'official' forum, making me think that Fran would be careful to reveal only those details that Joss authorized. But... the details seem quite spoilery for a project under notoriously tight control...?
The script's out there. It's not that tightly controlled.
Fran as a stoner - I like this. It's gonna be like 'Echoes' all over again.
Arg! I really think the Truman Show mention needs to be taken out of the thread title.
Well it must have pushed someone's buttons as the line is no longer in the interview. Doesn't help everyone else has picked up on it.
Uh, yeah. Cat's not only out of the bag but went off behind the barn with a lady cat and made lots of kittens now busily mewing all over the place.
I think removing will actually draw more attention to it. Me I just see it as a generic plot description.
Yeah. Again, I think it raised more questions than it answered. Does he mean tonally? Does he mean plot-wise? If he does mean plot-wise, then what on Earth? etc. I wouldn't have thought twice of it if I had just read the article with no discussion around it.
All of which sets aside the question of why is altering its articles at the behest of, presumably, studios. But then I suppose I never considered them a bastion of journalism.
It's too bad the URL didn't go two words longer. I'd find that amusing.
Or one word longer. That would have raised some questions!
That's what I can't figure out. I mean I guess I understand that if it's a movie ending reveal that would be really bad. But the way it keeps getting presented, it seems like the Truman show reference is more of a plot setup or the kind of thing you'd see in a movie trailer. And lets face it, by the time someone actually sees a movie, it's not like there won't be quite a few things about it that have not been revealed by a movie trailer.

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