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August 08 2009

The Dollhouse DVD/Blu-Ray ad. As seen on Hulu and Syfy. The playlist also contains Joss' DVD-introduction with a clip from the "Designing the Perfect Dollhouse"-featurette attached to it, snippets from the "Ghost"- and "Man on the Street"-commentaries, and some clips from actual episodes too. Another promo clip with a Joss intro can be found here (spoilers for the unaired episodes).

The weird thing is that I asked @FoxHomeEnt if this was online at like 1:30 AM my time and by 4:30 AM my time it was up and they'd replied.
I'm thinking your confusing "weird" with "cool". :)

Thanks for the effort!
I wish they would just compile that whole day of Joss introducing things into one video. I bet it's great.
Let's see...if I wanted to put together a promo that played up the over the top creepy-attempt-at-sexy-violent-fluff that made so many people write this show off for the first 5 or so episodes, what would it look like? Oh, yeah! LIKE THIS!
This is really tame spot, actually. It doesn't "play up" any of that.
My thoughts too, doubtful guest. This is everything that was wrong with the original marketing.

That other video, though, fun. Did he say "Joe Sweden"? I think he did.
I didn't like this it all. It was all "cool hot sexy action!" and it made me sad.
I think this is a big improvement over the original marketing. Didn't seem fluffy to me at all.
"over the top creepy-attempt-at-sexy-violent-fluff"

Hunh. And to think my only reaction was "Not bad!". Must be something wrong with me.
This was sooo different from the original marketing, which I did find tawdry and disappointing - pretty much all of it except the Grindhouse ad w/ Summer/SCC, which I liked.

But I thought this ad for theDVD/Blu-Ray was a huge improvement over that stuff, and almost clinically accurate in its montage-y summarizing of the first season.

I is pleased.
Seemed fine to me, nowhere near as dull as this Firefly DVD ad.

I really liked the ad, it seemed much more snappy and straight to the point. It's advertised much better now its on DVD/Blu-Ray than when they were advertising it's premiere.
Awesome. I can't wait to gt my hands on it.
It's alright, I guess. My favourite still is this one.
Well, I've just watched the "Dollhouse" season one DVD and it was incredibly awesome! Oh, can't wait to see what Joss has in store for season two.
Clarification: it is not that I find it particularly offensive on grounds of sexism/etc. It is that I find it tin-earred generic fake stylish twaddle -- if it were my only introduction to the show, I would personally think "boring mediocre gunk -- no need to seek that out." I think it reflects the marketing insights that I think nearly sunk the show in the early going.
I find it tin-earred generic fake stylish twaddle

I think you've described my entire take every 30 second spot for any movie or television show I've ever seen.

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